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Microsoft Surface 4 Price, Launch Date Revealed

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 01:30 PM EDT
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Product Shoot

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Microsoft is currently enjoying Surface Pro 5 fame all over. In the midst of this, the latest insights are claiming that the Redmond-based tech giant may be getting ready to reveal another advancement of its Surface range, namely Surface 4. And reports have already started claiming that Microsoft would be refreshing things up by this quarter of the year only.

According to The Christian Post, Microsoft Surface 4 would be the next installment of the company's hybrid lineup of 3-in-1 tablets. The earlier edition of this flagship, Surface 3 was released quite a long time back in March 2015. So, it is expected to be great that Microsoft getting forward towards revealing the next edition of this tablet. The report further claims that Microsoft Surface 4 would see its first appearance in Microsoft's next big event on May 2nd, 2017. However, it is still not clear whether the tech magnet would go for a teaser of the device or for a full release of the same.

Microsoft traditionally doesn't release its devices in the public market immediately after officially launching its range of devices. Keeping in mind this knack of the company, it can be said that if unveiled in the event of May 2, then Microsoft Surface 4 would come in the stocks of the retailers and marketplace at least at the last phase of May or in the beginning or midpoint of June this year.

Although, the official specs and features of Microsoft Surface 4 haven't been revealed, but as per a report by CNET, the upcoming hybrid masterpiece would merely be a Surface 3 makeover, with some incredibly new and attractive attributes. The report suggests that Microsoft Surface 4 would boast Windows 10 Operating SYstems's newest Creators Edition with 3D enhancements, VR capabilities and better gaming amplitude.

Mary Jo Foley, a well-known tech analyst, recently claimed that Microsoft Surface 4 would sport Windows Cloud operating system support. Microsoft Surface 3 was price tagged at $499 during its official launch. Therefore, Microsoft Surface 4 is expected to cost more than that pricing, although, Microsoft often offers worthy price drops.

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