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'Doctor Who' Series 10 Spoilers: EP Steven Moffat Tackle Whitewashed & Race; The Doctor & Bill To Faced Mysterious Monster

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 07:23 PM EDT
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In "Doctor Who" series 10 episode 3, the chapter will feature Bill and The Doctor in some kind of difficult situation. The two seems to finally have faced a danger, mysterious and could actually be more threatening. Also, in the upcoming episode, the show will tackle about the race and whitewashing.

 "Doctor Who" series 10 episode 3 is expected that The Doctor will be visiting the past with Bill. The two are going in the London era specifically in 1814 and a big event is bound to happen. According to Steven Moffat, the showrunner of the series concluded that they will be talking about race and whitewashing, TV Guide has reported.

In a recent interview, Moffat claimed that he will be seizing the opportunity for him to make a point about the race. As the portrayals of Britain during the 1800s aren't the most racially diverse. He then later revealed how they still managed to diverse the cast as history always whitewashed.

In "Doctor Who" series 10 episode 3, an event will happen and The Doctor and Bill will see someone in the known event as "Frost Fair." According to the report, frost fair is regarded to be the biggest one to be held in years, CarterMatt has reported.

But in "Doctor Who" series 10 episode 3, everyone is expected to be happy in the event, especially the 1800 era London witnessing how Frost Fair can be so fun. But it turns out to be the not one The Doctor and Bill think off, the event itself is nut turning out so fun for people involved.

As per the report, a monster will be striking havoc in London, as people have been disappearing all of a sudden for an unknown reasons. But the two protagonists are sure that this event isn't just a random one.

The frost fair event turned into a sinister that was caused by a monster. The monster that reportedly made the surface beneath the Frozen Thames. The monster still set to be unknown at the moment, but stay tuned and watch the "Doctor Who" series 10 episode 3 to find out what kind of creature this is.

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