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Viral: Asian Man Walks 10 Hours in NYC Wearing Romper

First Posted: Jun 05, 2017 09:12 PM EDT

Before any guy decides to go out and buy a onesie, go check out this Youtuber's video that features the public's reaction to him walking around the streets of New York wearing the male romper.

The good-humored and daring Youtuber, QPark, did a "social experiment to see if the hype was real," he wrote on his Youtube page. He confronted everyone with a smile while he walked around the three New York City neighborhoods for 10 hours in his male romper.

QPark started his brave journey in Washington Heights where a Hispanic older lady quickly shared her love out to him, "Hello Papi!" and blew him a kiss.

Another lady complimented QPark "That's a nice romper," as he continued to walk the friendly streets of the Heights.

But soon a group of young kids just hilariously went crazy when they saw the romper wearing Youtuber. "What the hell is wrong with you, son!" said one kid. Another screamed, "Oh my gosh... oh my gosh" as he continuously kept laughing as loud as he could.

In the next seen, QPark entered a Dominican barbershop that did not let him off the hook for wearing the male onesie. "You look stupid," said one of the barbers in Spanish. "From what planet did you come out of?"

The journey continued to Harlem and Times Square, where it was just a bit friendlier. People laughed, snickered, but mostly complimented his outfit and asked him where did he get it.

The mean streets of New York aren't all that mean, it's just funny.

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