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Colombian Model And TV Host Part Of Kidnapping Ring

First Posted: Jun 15, 2017 04:32 PM EDT

Paulin Karine Diaz, a swimsuit model and television presenter in Colombia was publicly shamed and arrested on charges of kidnapping in front of her television studios Tuesday.

As she walked into the offices of "Guía Magazín" within Channel 2 Studios in Cali, Colombia, members of the state's anti-kidnapping police were waiting for her. Officers recorded her and formally read a shaken and tearful Diaz her rights and delivered an arrest warrant on charges of kidnapping and blackmail.

It was revealed after years of investigation that Diaz gathered intelligence and distracted businessman Hugo López Moncayo and lawyer Milton Caro Villamil, on December 30, 2011, when both were in a nightclub in Cali.

Diaz and a male partner nicknamed "La Bruja" demanded the families of the victims pay a ransom of 3 billion Colombian pesos to release them. Both victims are still missing.

Two people in connection with the case have already been sentenced to over 20 years in jail. Higher ups at Channel 2 in Cali have issued a statement distancing their connection to her, stating that Diaz worked for free in exchange for exposure.

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