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Craving Chocolate? Your Addiction Might Mean You Need Dad´s Love

First Posted: Jun 19, 2017 12:02 PM EDT

Latinos are no strangers to the old wives' tales passed on by family and relatives. One myth about savoring really salty food suggests that marriage is in your future. Another discourages gifting knives at weddings, (for obvious reasons).

Whether either of these superstitions is a sign to celebrate or panic, neither one has yet to be backed up by actual science. That chocolate craving you get on a regular basis, on the other hand, might mean a lack of paternal love in your life.

Scholars studying the biological connection between neurology and human emotion are looking at the addictive traits of chocolate consumption and how it correlates with the absence of father figures.

Yohana Garcia, a writer and expert on the subject, suggests that the strong endorphins people release when eating chocolate could be a subconscious need to receive love from dad, which had not been sufficiently met during childhood.

Garcia states "when the brain gets frustrated and is unable to cope with certain situations, it automatically sends signals to the rest of the body, the digestive system in this case." She goes on to say that in the hopes of fulfilling that emotional void, one does so in the form of ingesting chocolatey sweets.

Ana Arizmendi, a professional in psycho-nutrition, analyzes the root of the chocolate-father dynamic by narrowing it down to those formative episodes at infancy. Every meal we have is a projection of a deep, bio-emotional need in our lives. The prime example of this is children when they are breastfed; an experience where the nourishing traits of love and sustenance go hand in hand.

It is no surprise that chocolate evokes sensations linked to wellness, pleasure, and happiness. The problem is when folks try to supplement paternal deficiencies with the tasty treat. Tracing the origin of the problem and facing it head-on is the first step in restoring important relationships.

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