Most Iconic Latino Celebrity Couples of All Time

Valentine's Day might be over but it's never too late to fall in love with some of the most iconic celebrity couples of all time.
Win over the heart of a Latina by embracing her roots.

How to Win Over the Heart of Any Latina

Win over the heart of a Latina by embracing her roots.
5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina

5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina

There are a lot of worthy Latina women out there who are worthy of love and affection. If you're thinking of reasons for dating a Latina, we have listed five for you.
Rhianna and Hassan

Identity of Rihanna's Mystery Lover Has Been Revealed On Instagram

And he is worth for more than 1 billion reasons...
Love of Chocolate Might Mean Not Enough Love From Dad

Craving Chocolate? Your Addiction Might Mean You Need Dad´s Love

Science reveals that urge for chocolate says a lot about our relationships with father figures.

Saudade, Defining the Beautiful Word That Has No English Counterpart

"Yearning..." "Love that remains," "Pining for love lost," "A complex feeling that involves romantic values... or a distinct feeling of longing." These are responses when asked to convert the rich, untranslatable word Saudade from its native Galician-Portuguese to English.

Woman Seeks Missed Connection and Plasters Posters

New York commuter and Chilean artist Maria Luisa Portuondo Vila believes that she saw the man of her dreams on her way home, and she's elected the whole city of New York to help her reconnect with him.
Make proposing on Valentine's Day special by doing it differently

Best Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas to Help You Pop the Question

Make Valentine's Day extra special by proposing to your partner in a unique way.

Survey Says that Sex is Best for Latinos 45+

Bedrooms aren't only for sleeping, they are the backdrop for intimate encounters and sexual exploration. AARP conducted a survey that supports the belief that older Hispanics "put a higher priority on having great sex and passion in their relationships than do other Americans."

Latinos' Options for Online Dating

Naya Rivera, who portrays Santana Lopez on the hit series Glee, met fiancé Rapper Big Sean on Twitter. Rivera and Big Sean aren't the only ones finding connection and affection on the worldwide web, however.
Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2013: A Puerto Rican Holiday Guide

In Puerto Rico, the holiday season is a big party right from November until after January 6th, as we keep alive the celebration of "Three Kings Day" or "Los Tres Reyes Magos". Puerto Rico enjoys a Caribbean sunny weather all year around; therefore most celebrations take place on "marquesinas" or front outside porches. The lit up and decorated homes are a huge part of the holidays in Puerto Rico. Driving through the islands streets you will start to hear traditional Puerto Rican Christmas carols like "Dame la Mano Paloma" and "Burrito Sabanero". All of this and it isn't even Christmas yet!

Drake and and Rihanna Dating? Couple Seen Partying Together Again

Drake and Rihanna were seen partying together again last night at West Hollywood's Bootsy Bellows after the rapper's concert in L.A. What is the deal with you two? Whatever it is...we don't really mind.

Tinder App Review: Apple, Android Application Revolutionizes Online Dating

The Tinder App has hit the online dating scene and people "like it". This new app claims to be nothing like "Gridr" (an app used to find strictly hook-ups), but you can use it in any way you please. It's all very simple, you have a picture, a short bio (name, age, gender etc.) and a "like" button; like it or leave it, as you can swipe through to the next person.

HRC Documentary Tells the Story of Five Latino Families Who Learn to Accept a LBGT Loved One

The film, which premiered at the GALA Hispanic Theater in Washington, DC, reveals the story of five religious Latino families who learned to look beyond binding church teachings, in order to accept their daughters, sisters, brothers and sons, whose gender identities or sexual orientations are outside of the norm.
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Is Focusing Less on Love and More on Life

Selena Gomez, who recently admitted in an interview with Teen Vogue that’s she the girl that you “take home to your parents, not for the night,” has to compete with headlines about her ex-beau, Justin Beiber, spending a night out at a Brazilian brothel just a few days ago.
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