2017's NBA Draft was expected to a wildly unpredictable night for teams and fans seeking to build some dreams of gold, but in the end the night went exactly to plan.

Other than a haze of pre-draft drama about a potential trade of New York Knicks luminary Kristaps Porzingis and a Chicago exit for Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Thursday night's NBA Draft held in Brooklyn's Barclay Center went surprisingly smoothly.

The Philadelphia 76ers "trusting the process" as it were, made a smart choice by using their 1st overall draft pick to select 6-foot-4 guard out of Washington, Markelle Futz. His ability to drive through the lane and assist young stars Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid made him a clear standout of the Draft.

VIDEO: 76ers Select Markelle Futz as No. 1 Pick in 2017 NBA Draft

The son of basketball's biggest loudmouth got another moment in the spotlight when he was selected by his hometown Lakers. The UCLA star was widely expected to be Hall of Fame team owner's Magic Johnson's big pick in the 1st round and could be the key to bringing back "Showtime" to Hollywood. This might also make the Ball family order more of their $495 shoes that somehow sold out.

VIDEO: Lakers Select Lonzo Ball as No. 2 Pick in 2017 NBA Draft

Amidst rumors of a potentially disastrous Kristaps Porzingis trade and a repeated insistence on running the triangle offense, 11-time NBA Champion and New York Knicks General Manager Phil Jackson might have made a smart move to draft French rookie Frank Ntilikina. To reassure long-suffering Knicks fans, the 6-foot-5 inch 18-year-old is an athletic, flexible guard that has the potential to be an impactful full-court player and has defensive abilities that are an investment that could pay off big time.

VIDEO: Knicks Select Frank Ntilikina as No. 8 Pick in 2017 NBA Draft

The Washington Post has a fantastic, in depth recap of the real winners and losers of the 2017 NBA Draft, but the real winner of every NBA Draft ever is this guy who pretended to be a drafted NBA player for drinks and ladies' phone numbers.

VIDEO: Guy Pretends He Got Drafted In The 2015 NBA Draft