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How To Talk About Your Sexual History With Your Partner

First Posted: Mar 28, 2019 09:58 PM EDT

It can be very difficult to talk about your health with someone else, especially when it comes to sexual health. The truth is that if it affects someone else, they need to know. It may not be easy and may even be difficult for you, but it's not impossible. You first need to get tested to determine your results.

First, start by preparing yourself mentally. You know your partner, probably better than anyone else. You know how they accept news, or don't. You should have an idea on how to start the conversation with them. 

Go over this conversation in your head. Think of the ways they will react. Play best case and worst-case scenarios over. This will prepare you for almost anything that could occur and have you ready to answer questions. 

You may want to research your diagnosis if you aren't very knowledgeable as your partner may have questions that you don't know the answers to. 

In your conversation, be very open and honest with them. Explain that this isn't something you wanted to happen. Sometimes the past can catch up with you and it's not your fault. Blaming won't help matters. Try not to be defensive. 

If you know how you contracted the STD and are open to sharing, this may help your partner understand further. It would be understandably quite hard to share certain occurrences such as rape or abuse but if this is your situation, it's likely going to help your partner to accept the situation much easier. 

Regardless of your situation, know that all hope isn't lost. Most people are quite understanding. Your partner may be very open and accepting no matter what the circumstance is. People appreciate it when someone is upfront and honest with them. 

Be understanding with them. Listen to everything they need to say. Apologize to them if needed. Don't try to hide anything from them. Keep the honesty going. Ask them if they have any questions or if there is anything specific they are concerned about. 

Go on to explain how safe sex can be with condoms and medication. With prescription medication and condoms, the STD rate is quite low. This may be something you'll want to discuss with your partner as well. Your partner may be surprised to find out this information. Be ready to back up your facts and show proof where you gathered your information from. 

Follow up your conversation with some reassurance. Let them know that you'll be there for them regardless of what the outcome is. Try not to put any pressure on them and give them time to process all the information you have discussed. 

You may have already been sexually active with your partner and if so they may need to be tested. 

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