Social media across Latin America has been projected to reach hundreds of millions of people, and Twitter is reportedly a cause for the spike.

According to eMarketer, globally, Twitter's user base will increase by 24.4 percent this year to 227.5 million users. The digital marketing, media and commerce service noted Asia Pacific and Latin America are two of the fastest-growing markets, but more Latin countries will bring in more Twitter users than other regions.

While Indonesia and India will be responsible for the world's most Twitter users, Latin America's top three markets -- Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico -- account for the remaining top five spots.

In Argentina, eMarketer projected a 44.5 percent increase in Twitter users, which would bring the country's Twitter base to 3.7 million. The Argentinian Twitter base is expected to gradually grow between 2014 and 2018. Five million Twitter users are projected by 2015 in Argentina. By 2018, Argentina is forecast to represent 6.6 million of Latin America's Twitter users.

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Mexico is set to bring the second-largest Twitter base in Latin America. For 2014, the country is expected to represent 7.7 million Twitter users. Next year, Mexico is projected to increase its Twitter base by 1.7 million users. By 2018, Mexico will enter double-digit figures with 12.6 million users.

Brazil, however, will represent the most Twitter users in Latin America. For 2014, Brazil will enter double-digit figures with 12.7 million users. By 2015, 1.9 million additional Brazilians will join Twitter. Once 2018 arrives, Brazil is projected to represent 17.6 million Twitter users for Latin America.

For overall Latin America, the region is forecast to deliver 28 million Twitter users. The region's Twitter base is expected to increase by 15.3 million Twitter users by 2018, to 43.3 million total users.

Despite Twitter's user base increase, the social network is still not as popular compared to Facebook. Twitter's overall market share in the region is projected to be 8.5 percent this year, low compared to Facebook's 34.4 percent. Twitter is also facing tough competition from message service apps such as LINE, WeChat and WhatsApp. The Cocktail Analysis revealed 92 percent of daily Mexican Internet users, from ages 18-55, are active on Facebook. Google+ ranked second with 59 percent of respondents ahead of WhatsApp's 45 percent. Twitter ranked fourth with 41 percent of respondents.

As Latin Post reported, Latin America's overall social media presence is expected to reach 227.4 million people.


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