President Donald Trump struggles with the Hispanics
(Photo : Reuters)

The chance of President Donald Trump for a presidential reelection bid in 2020 becomes thinner as he struggles to get the votes of Hispanics in Florida based on a recent survey conducted by the Florida Atlantic University's Business and Economics polling Initiative (FAU BEPI). This means that the creation of the Latinos for Trump and other coalitions did not help much in his campaign for 2020 elections.

In an article published in Latin Times, the following is the data gathered in the survey conducted nationwide among 600 Hispanic voters in Florida:

  • 48 percent disapproved his performance, 31 percent approved, and 22 percent are still undecided
  • 64 percent of the Puerto Ricans disapproved his performance, while 19 percent gave an approval rate.
  • Mexicans are split who gave 43 percent disapproval and 38 percent approval rates.
  • Cubans gave somehow a brighter side to Trump, 47 percent approved his performance and only 28 percent said they are not satisfied.

This means that overall, the Hispanics are showing unfavorable support to Trump's 2020 presidential reelection bid. The survey poll also looked into the pulse of the Hispanics for the leading presidential Democratic candidates in a match-up against Trump.


  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is the strongest contender of Trump among the Hispanics who garnered 65.7 percent while Trump gained 34.3 percent.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren got 64.9 percent against Trump's 35.1 percent. She almost matched Joe Biden as he number one contender of Trump.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders who got 62.1 percent against Trump's 37.9 percent.

The data presented by the FAU BEPI shows the weak side of Trump and the Republicans. It was found that the Democrats showed dominance in the recent suburbs election in a different county. The FAU BEPI likewise said that two of the factors that affect the popularity of Trump towards Hispanics is the new immigration policy and the increased number of border killings. 

The following are the main concerns or most important issues of the Hispanics based on the survey:

  • Both economy and healthcare ranked number 1 that garnered 20 percent
  • Education gained 19 percent 
  • Immigration at 10 percent
  • Social issues and environment both gained 8 percent

In connection to the first issue of Hispanics, the previous article of the Latin Post shows the best cities in America for the immigrants that were ranked based on a study conducted and Chicago ranked number 1. However, like many other cities in America, Chicago failed to give equal economic opportunities to immigrants more specifically to Hispanics.

In terms of the perceptions of the Hispanics about the impeachment inquiry, Hispanics also shared their opinion. Here is the reported data:

  • 50 percent of Hispanics said that they approved the impeachment inquiry
  • 29 percent disapprove
  • 21 percent are not sure

It is very important for Trump to get the major votes of Hispanics because they are the largest minority group in the country with an estimated 32 million eligible voters. The hispanic community is followed by the black community who are composed of an estimated 30 million eligible voters.