Pew Poll Finds Only 3% of US Hispanics Use 'Latinx'

Latinx has been increasingly popular among politicians and mainstream media. But a new Pew research released Tuesday suggests that only a small portion of the U.S. Hispanic community have embraced this term.
President Trump Signs White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Trump Signs Historic Executive Order Expanding Educational and Economical Opportunities for Hispanic Americans

The executive order aims to improve access to trade schools, civic education, and personalized learning for Hispanic Americans.
Mexican Festival

Para Familias Latinas: Reviving Latin American Culture Among Latinos and Hispanics in the US

The 4-H Program aims to revive the Latin American culture among the Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S.
Karaoke Machines And Accessories To Harness Your Hispanic Talent

Sing Your Hispanic Heart Out With These Karaoke Machines and Accessories!

Sing your heart out to your favorite cancion with these karaoke must-haves!
Women Possibly to Lose Jobs at a Higher Pace than Other Groups During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women Are More Likely to Lose Their Jobs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women are more possibly to lose jobs at a higher pace than the other groups amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Los Tigres del Norte

Los Tigres Del Norte Encourages Latinos to Fill out the U.S. Census

Los Tigres Del Norte along with other musicians are encouraging every Latino in the United States to participate in the 2020 U.S. Census.
A group of Mexican children

The Invention of Mexican-Americans and What It Says About the Politics of Race

The swelling of victimhood politics, as well as the so-called "identitarian" division of America, did not appear naturally or unavoidably, as a lot of people believe. Neither are there practices that lead to minorities' uncontrollable demands for recognition, or past mistakes, as today's generation is repetitively told.
Hispanic Homeownership Rate Increases Five Years in A Row

Hispanic Homeownership Rate Increases Five Years in A Row

A recently released report says that the homeownership rate among Hispanics has increased for the fifth consecutive year in 2019.
Beauty is part of great importance among the Latino and Hispanic communities since then.

Why Beauty Is so Important to Latina Culture

Over the past decades, studies revealed that Latinos spend more on beauty products than non-Latinos and non-Hispanics.
What Race do Latinos Belong to?

What Race Do Latinos Belong To?

'Latino' and 'Hispanic' are two terms often used interchangeably and are commonly racialized in the US, even though these terms don't actually refer to a race at all.
Hispanic and Latino students searching for the right organization that will support them

10 Organizations Every Latino Should Know About

Lists of Hispanic and Latino organizations that advocates education, healthcare, social services, and more that students and Latino families should know.
Top 6 Successful Latino Artists in the US

Successful Artists You May Not Know Were Latinos

The top six Latino singers in the United States.
What do we know about the term Latinx?

Is the Term "Latinx" Acceptable? Hispanic Community Decides

Latinx is one of the most debated words in the Latino and Hispanic communities, but what does it mean?
Latino voters will play a vital role in the U.S. 2020 Presidential elections.

Latino Voters Will Make the Difference in the 2020 Presidential Elections, If They Vote

Latino voters will play a vital role in the U.S. 2020 Presidential elections.
Latino Cultural Center is the new home of Cara Mia and Teatro Dallas.

Latino Cultural Center is the New Home of Cara Mia Theatre and Teatro Dallas

Latino Cultural Center is the new home of Cara Mia and Teatro Dallas.
NuStar Energy

5 Best Workplaces for Latinos and Hispanics

Companies is U.S. that hire more Latinos and Hispanics.
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