15 signs that you grew up in a Latino family.
(Photo : Reuters)

Being a Latino is something that you should be proud of. The diverse culture and traditions that only a few Latinos practice make them unique. Some signs will give you an idea if you grew up in a Latino family or your friend is a Latino descent.

According to the COSMOPOLITAN, here are some signs if you grew up from a Latino family:

1. It has been the practice of Latino parents to use certain things for special occasions. Surely, there are items, a certain room in your house, or even dresses and shoes that you are only allowed to use if there are occasions. Most of all shoes with lace are only use also on certain occasions.

2. If there is a piece of furniture or item in your house that is covered with plastic, surely your parents are real Latinos. Part of their culture is to cover with plastics items that are valuable most especially those with sentimental values.

3. Latinos always have the statute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, and a Crucifix even if some members of the family are not religious. Most of the Catholics most especially those who were born in Latin countries are Catholics. It is not new anymore in any Latino household to see these statutes.

4. You are asked or trained during your childhood days to ask for a "benediction" when leaving or upon arriving as a sign of respect. Remember, that Latinos are family-oriented and this value is passed from one generation to the other generation and the generation to come.

5. If you plan to live in an apartment, you have to make sure that is cleaned first before living in your new home. This is an old tradition for Latinos where grandparents do not allow any member of their family to immediately transfer and live in a house if it is not yet cleaned because they believed that a house that is not cleaned well is full of a bad spirit.

6. Your house should always smell like a portion of food all the time and your mother should cook as early as 8 AM every day. 

7. Your grandparents started to feed you with solids even if you were still in your 4th month. They never mind what the pediatricians or doctors say about what to and not to eat. They believed that Gerber does not have enough nutrition but sancocho does.

8. You never grew up in a Latino family if you have not seen Telenovelas and TV Dramas during your childhood days. Latinos like Telenovelas and they are popularly known for this genre. 

9. You are introduced in a big Latino family using through and followed by a hug and a kiss on cheeks. Shaking of hands is something they considered rude because it is part of western culture. Latinos came from a big family, so don't be surprised if someone meets you on the street and giving you hugs and kisses because that's part of Latin culture.

10. Every Latin household has Vicks VapoRub in their cabinet because they believed that it cures everything. This is the first alternative of the Latino family every time they feel body pain, colds, fever, and more. Don't hesitate to ask or one if you are not feeling well because surely they will give Vicks VapoRub.

11. You own some Latin beauty products such as a feminine wash and Lemisol. Though beauty is already innate with the Latinos and Latinas they value proper hygiene and sanitation. If you are visiting a house owned by a Latino family, just make sure to clean your mess. 

12. You are practiced to drink a glass of red wine during your dinner even if you are 12 years old. A dinner table is not complete without a glass of red wine. A glass of red wine on the table would surely remind you of your roots.

13. A Latino home is full of candles. Candles are significantly observed in the altar of Latinos. Remember that most of them are Catholics.

14. You did not come from a Latino family if you did not taste or eat adobo or Sazon. Adobo is one of the most popular cuisines in the Latino family.

15. If your nickname is something very unique then surely you came from a Latino family. Latinos are never called according to their real names. 

These are only a few of the signs that you grew up from a Latino family or  that your friend is of Latino descent.