President Joe Biden Reassures National Latino Group About Immigration Plans; Promises That Biden Administration Got Latinos’ Backs

Despite disagreements in the Senate over the parts of the current administration's domestic policy agenda, United States President Joe Biden reassured those who tuned in to a conference organized by a major Latino group Monday about their community's better times ahead under his presidency.
Chicago's South Side Leaders Seek to Change Healthcare Model in Latino Community

Chicago's South Side Leaders Seek to Change Healthcare Model in Latino Community

Distinct leaders in the South Side of Chicago are eyeing to create a new health care model to address chronic illness and the COVID-19 pandemic that widely affects the Latino community, as well as Blacks.
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Latino Community in NC To Benefit From Executive Order Protecting Essential Workers

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said on Friday that he would prepare an executive order protecting the state's essential workers, agricultural laborers, and personnel in meat and poultry processing plants, among others.
In Los Angeles, the Latino community have the highest cases of coronavirus especially with the reopening of businesses.

New Report Tackles On COVID-19's Direct Aim on Latino Community in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the Latino community have the highest cases of coronavirus, especially with the reopening of businesses.
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Texas to Start Studying COVID-19 Impact Among Latinos

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission recently launched a study on the impact of COVID-19 on susceptible populations. The study will include data on respondents' ethnicity, socio-economic status, geographic location, and race.

Pepsico Foundation Donates Over $7 Million for a Program to Help Support Communities of Color

PepsiCo, Inc. and its charity group The PepsiCo Foundation launched a $7 million program that aimed to provide aid to communities of color in the country for relief and recovery amid the pandemic.
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Austin Reports Higher Coronavirus Cases Among Latinos as Texas Is Resuming Operations

Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott allowed businesses to reopen at the beginning of the month, many more have started to resume operations. Still, coronavirus cases are far from stabilizing in the state, and for Austin, there is an uneven response to the minority community.
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Turning Masks Into an Art Form During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Latin designers are starting to use face masks as a means to share elements of Latin culture and tradition
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The Importance of Latinos in the 2020 Election, and Biden's Angle to Win Votes

A Latina Vice-President nominee on Biden's ticket could help him in his 2020 U.S. Presidential bid.
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Race Disparity: 25% of COVID-19 Cases in San Francisco Are Latinos

San Francisco has around 1,200 COVID-19 cases, and 25 percent of these patients are Latinos.
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Latino Is Not a Race: Stereotypes That Should Go Away

Some Latinos are tired of hearing different false assumptions about their community that continues to belittle the members.
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Profitable Small Business Ideas for the Latino Community

Profitable small business ideas for Hispanic and Latino community who are planning to start a new business.
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Friends With Benefits: 10 Perks of Having Latino Friends

When you make a friend from the Latino community, just remember, Latinos are loyal friends and they are not to be taken for granted.
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Latino-American Consumers Look for Innovation and Affordability

Latino American consumers want to buy products that are innovative but affordable. They also go for environmentally friendly purchases.
Latina creates a bridge for Latino Entrepreneurs and Online Customers by Creating an Online Marketplace

With Shop Latinx, This Latina Entrepreneur Invents Game-Changer in Online Selling

Latina, Brittany Chavez, creates a bridge for Latino entrepreneurs and online customers by creating an Online marketplace.
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Surge in Hate Crimes May be Linked to Immigration Policies

Hate crimes against the Latino community appear to have surged under the current presidential administration.
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