NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, the leading media company serving Hispanics in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, in partnership with Comcast's Internet Essentials program and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, today announced a gift of over 2,000 laptops and free internet service for a year to young people, students, and seniors across the United States.

The laptops and internet access are being donated by Comcast and Telemundo to support Latino communities most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internet Essentials Program
(Photo : Republica Havas)

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"From virtual learning to online job applications, helping our community with technology tools and resources is more important than ever," said Christina Kolbjornsen, Senior Vice President of Corporate and External Affairs at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

"So many local organizations have been working tirelessly to provide critical resources and ongoing support for Hispanics in need. This holiday season we're honored to partner with Comcast's Internet Essentials and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in providing digital access to support this critical work and get even more Hispanics connected to the online world of possibilities," Kolbjornsen added. 

The organizations receiving laptops will be selected and announced by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, and the distribution will occur in partnership with Telemundo's local owned stations.

The initiative will continue throughout the holiday season in 13 markets, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Fresno, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, and Washington D.C., among others. Some of the local organizations that will benefit from this giveaway include Amigos for Kids in Miami, SER Jobs in Houston, and Casa Familiar in San Diego.

"Technological resources and digital connectivity have become the backbone of today's new normal, especially after confinement, and they are instrumental for success," said Antonio Tijerino, President, and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. "We are grateful to have partners like Telemundo and Comcast, which share our mission of exalting Hispanic communities through education, resources, and progress."

Over the past ten years, Comcast's Internet Essentials program has connected a cumulative total of more than ten million low-income people to the Internet at home.

Earlier this year, Comcast also announced a multiyear program to launch more than 1,000 WiFi-connected "Lift Zones" in community centers nationwide to help students get online, participate in distance learning, and do their homework outside the home.

Both of these efforts are part of Project UP, Comcast's comprehensive, 10-year, $1 billion commitment to help build a future of unlimited possibilities.

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