Telemundo 2018 Miami Headquarters planned

Telemundo Announces Massive New, High-Tech Headquarters in Miami Ahead of 2018 World Cup

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced on Tuesday it's planning to bring several of Telemundo's operations together into a new massive, high-tech facility in Miami, just in time to cover World Cup 2018.

Comcast's Gigabit Retrofit Internet Service: Coming Soon, With One Big Potential Downside

Just months after publically unveiling an experimental technology that produces next-generation gigabit Internet speeds on cable networks that are already in place throughout much of the country, Comcast's impending super high-speed Internet service has officially gone live -- at least for one Philadelphia-area home.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Major Cable, Satellite Companies Hike Prices

Those who have been paying exorbitant prices for their pay TV packages on cable and satellite are about to get some bad news: Nearly all of the major pay TV companies across the nation are about to raise their prices for customers currently subscribing to their services.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

FCC Flooded With Over 13,000 Complaints Over Comcast's Data Caps

Comcast's expansion of data caps into new markets recently created a flood of thousands of complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, as a recent report exposed.

Let's Call It: The Cord Cutting Era Has Officially Arrived

Three stories hit the news on Monday in separate publications, concerning three different but interrelated subjects -- advertising, entertainment, and the IT backbone of the Internet. Taken together, they represent a tipping point in a trend we've seen building for a decade. Welcome to the era of cord cutting.
Net Neutrality rally re FCC public comment period, New York, Sept 15 2014

Data Limits & Data Freebees: New Creeping Threats to Net Neutrality?

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted in favor of stronger rules to keep Internet service providers from favoring some data traffic on the Internet over others. The February FCC decision was hailed as a victory by Net Neutrality advocates, or those who believe that the only free Internet is one where "all data is treated equally" by the companies that transmit it.
Javier Garcia, VP and General Manager of Comcast Multicultural Services

Javier Garcia Engineers Connections Between Culture, Entertainment, and Technology

This September, Comcast updated X1 with software designed specifically for bicultural Latinos. Dubbed "X1 en Español," it introduced a Spanish-language version the X1 interface, featuring voice control in Spanish, and the X1's voice recognition can now understand a broad range of Latino accents.
luis gutierrez

Rep. Luis Gutierrez to Comcast, NBCUniversal: Dump Trump from 'SNL'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is scheduled to host NBC's "Saturday Night Live," but one Latino congressman has called for the network to dump his appearance.

Comcast Offers 2 Weeks of Xfinity Free View Latino During Hispanic Heritage Month

Coinciding with Hispanic heritage month, cable giant Comcast has brought back its on demand Xfinity Free View Latino programming, with all-access passes for customers for two weeks.
FCC vs ISPs on Net Neutrality, never-ending cycle of regulation and court challenges

FCC vs ISPs: Upcoming Net Neutrality Vote a Moment of Truth, or Just the Beginning of Another Fight?

About one month from now on February 26, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on new Open Internet rules that govern Internet Service Providers. But what looks like the moment of truth for Net Neutrality debate may be just the beginning of more quarrelling between ISPs and the FCC.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Pauses Both AT&T-DirecTV and Comcast-Time Warner Mergers

Two big merger reviews have come to a screeching halt as the FCC announced that it was pausing its "shot clock" for both the AT&T-DirecTV and Comcast-Time Warner Cable deals.
Comcast Time Warner Cable merger

FCC Puts Comcast-Time Warner Merger On Hold For Three Weeks

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced last Friday that it has put a temporary hold on proceedings considering a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Decision Delayed in NY

Comcast's attempt to acquire Time Warner Cable has been delayed as New York regulators announced Monday that they would delay their verdict on the acquisition by over one month.
NFL's Marissa Fernandez Bringing Football to Latino Fans Nationwide

Hispanic Heritage Month: NFL Exec Marissa Fernandez Helps League Expand Fanbase

Marissa Fernandez is one of the many people helping the National Football League (NFL) expand the sport's fanbase as more Hispanics continue to be drawn to "futbal Americano."

Comcast Tor Controversy: Cable Company Denies Report of Monitoring

Could Comcast be monitoring its users' Internet activities? That's what one recent report implies, although Comcast vehemently denies any wrongdoing.

Comcast-Time Warner Merger: FCC Promotes Competition, Comcast Not Worried

As federal regulators saddle up to the job of poring over a potential merger between cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler delivered a speech last week that seemed to strike a dagger into the heart of the deal. Comcast, however, doesn't seem to think so.
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