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Comcast Targets To Launch Affordable Broadband TV Streaming Throughout The US

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 02:22 AM EDT
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

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Comcast has long been known as a tremendous player in the TV streaming industry. Now the streaming giant has planned to launch its next edition of its broadband streaming TV services with a new name tag and innovative dimension. The service is said to include major channels like HBO and ESPN. This refreshing broadband-served "skinny bundle" service will reportedly debut sometime within the third quarter of 2017. The streaming service is also indicated to be exclusive for its serving zones throughout the US.

According to Variety, Comcast's newest service will be named as Xfinity Instant TV and it will be evolved after Comcast's earlier streaming service also known as Xfinity Stream add-on. The service will come as a fully rebranded offering from Comcast. The month subscription will range from $15/month to $40/month. However, the service will not be unveiled as any other Internet TV Services, similar to the quotients of Youtube or Hulu or it won't be a set top box based TV streaming services like Dish TV, Direct TV. It will be a TV streaming over broadband line service exclusively for only the subscribers of Comcast. Xfinity Instant TV subscribers will not require any sort of set-top box for this TV service.

As per a report by 9to5 Mac, Xfinity Instant TV is also hinted to feature DVR attributes. Although, this extension is further indicated to be limited to certain service areas. The Xfinity Instant TV service will initially be available in the metro cities of the United States like including Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area, as per reports. Although, Comcast authorities have also expressed their interest in extending this magnetic TV streaming services to local routes as well with the extension of its broadband service territories.

Comcast has even stated that it has designated Xfinity Instant TV streaming service with target best in class TV viewing at reasonable costs. It has set the target to attract more customers in its serviceable regions for the entertainment packed pay TV service.

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