Luna Magic Founders
(Photo : Luna Magic)
Sisters Mabel (left) and Shaira (right) Frías teamed up to showcase the beauty of Latin culture through a new makeup brand, Luna Magic.

Two Dominican-American sisters are proudly uplifting their Latin roots with the all-new Luna Magic Beauty. This new 100% Latino-owned beauty brand aims to highlight the beauty that comes from Latin Culture.

Latina Beauties Behind the New Brand

Mabel Frias and Shaira Frias are the minds behind the new beauty brand specifically made to show off Latina beauty. The brand aims to add vibrancy and flavor to the competitive world of the beauty industry.

The Inspiration of the Luna Magic Beauty

The inspiration of the two Latina founders of the brand was the abundant culture and rich music of Latin America and the Caribbean. Also, the busy-ness of New York City and the glamour-rich Los Angeles added to the inspiration of the brand's birth.

The First Collection of Luna Magic

The first collection of Luna Magic is Uno. In Spanish, Uno means one. Uno includes a collection of beauty essentials showcasing the vibrancy and live colors. Every beauty cosmetic product component of the Uno collection showcases the rich culture of Latin America including music, a fearless take to challenges, and the intense desire for self-expression.

High quality makeup from Luna Magic
(Photo : Luna Magic)
High quality makeup from Luna Magic

High-Quality Makeup

The cosmetics from the collections are made with highly-pigmented colors. This means that a small amount of the product is enough. This makes the product last longer for its users.  

The names of the eyeshadow colors were named from different musical styles such as Salsa and Reggaeton. Additionally, the mink lashes of the collection are named after telenovela or soap opera stars.

The Uno Eyeshadow Palette 

The Uno Eyeshadow Palette is made with 12 highly pigmented metallic and matte eyeshadow colors. The palette includes neutral to electric bright colors.

The UNO palette is designed by the makers of the brand to complement different skin types and skin tones. Its colors are given Spanish names such as Salud for the electric pink color, Amor for the metallic purple, and Mamacita for the matte cinnamon color.

The Uno Matte Liquid Lipstick

Matte Liquid Lipstick
(Photo : Luna Magic)
Matte Liquid Lipstick

The Uno Matte Liquid Lipstick is a lightweight lip color made with moisture-rich ingredients to help give a beautiful bright color on the lips. This liquid lipstick of the Uno Collection from the Luna Magic Beauty Brand is available in two colors. And these two colors are perfect for all skin tones.

The first one is the Gostosa, a Brazillian Portuguese word which means a sexy woman is the warm-toned red of the collection.

The second liquid lipstick color is called Bon Bon. Bon Bon is a Spanish word that means sensual woman. It is a bright rosy pink liquid lipstick.

The Uno Mink Lashes

Luxury Mink Lashes
(Photo : Luna Magic)
Luxury Mink Lashes

The Uno Mink Lashes helps give dimension and volume to the eyes that perfect a woman's sexy look. This product is inspired by telenovelas or soap operas. Telenovelas are a significant part of Latin culture. The lashes are worn again for up to 20 times.

They are available in two styles the Rubi mink and the Xica Mink lashes.

The Luna Magic Beauty Packaging

Every Luna Magic Beauty products are packed with the signature cobalt blue packaging of the brand. Also, the packaging features beautiful gold accents.

In addition to the launch of the new brand, the Luna Magic Beauty brand is also selling Limited Edition T-Shirts made with 100% cotton. You can choose between variations. Get them now while stocks are still available.