Fashion Designer Creates Face Masks For Frontliners

Award-winning fashion designer Johana Hernandez spends time sewing facemasks for front liners in Downey Hospital.
Luna Magic Founders

Luna Magic Beauty: Latino Culture-Rich Inspired

Find out here about the new Latino beauty brand Luna Magic Beauty
Sugary Cosmetics: Inspired by Fun and an Immigrant’s Passion

Pursuing an Artistic Career: Immigrant Establishes Cosmetics Brand in the US

Find out here about the inspiration of Kathy Brogna on pursuing an artistic career through Sugary Cosmetics.

Latina-Owned Businesses You Should Definitely Check Out This 2020

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Latina-Owned Makeup Brand, Reina Rebelde, Launches New Bold Lipstick

Latina-owned beauty brand Reina Rebelde launches a new shade in its award-winning bold lip color stick line.
Rizos Curls, Your Favorite Latina-Owned Curly Hair Care Brand Is Now Available at Target

Rizos Curls, Your Favorite Latina-Owned Curly Hair Care Is Now Available at Target

Latina-owned Rizos Curls, the hair care brand behind award-winning products promoting hair positivity, has recently partnered with the retail giant Target to help more people celebrate the beauty in their curls.
5 Latina Creatives Who Can Help You Reach Your Goals in 2020

Iconic Latinas to Inspire Your Career and Business Goals in 2020

Find out here how these Latina creatives can help and inspire you to reach your career or business goals.
Latina women from Latin America and Caribbean are on the rise in the STEMpreneurs.

Latina Entrepreneurs in STEM are on the Rise, New Study Reveals!

Latina women from Latin America and Caribbean are on the rise in the STEMpreneurs.
Latina CEO Recommends Using Only One Credit Card or None at All

Latina CEO Recommends Using Only One Credit Card or None at All

To stay financially fit, Latina CEO Sandra Campos recommends reducing the number of credit cards used.
Latina creates a bridge for Latino Entrepreneurs and Online Customers by Creating an Online Marketplace

With Shop Latinx, This Latina Entrepreneur Invents Game-Changer in Online Selling

Latina, Brittany Chavez, creates a bridge for Latino entrepreneurs and online customers by creating an Online marketplace.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Latina Broadcaster Says FCC Jeopardizing Her 'American Dream' With Exclusionary Spectrum Auction

Despite protesting and a filing court action to delay the FCC's spectrum auction because of an eligibility debacle, it looks like Latina Broadcasters of Florida will not be able to participate.
Dreamer's Roadmap, Latina Entrepreneur Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca

Dreamers Roadmap: An App Finding College Funding for Undocumented Students

Finding money to pay for college is a daunting task, but for undocumented Dreamers with aspirations of getting a college education, the landscape can be even more bewildering. One Dreamer, Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca, says she's working on an app for that, thanks to her own overwhelming experience with the financial side of college.
Latin Emojis, Zubi Advertising

First Ever 'Latin' Emojis Unveiled in Free App

Apple has gone to great lengths to update its emojis to be more inclusive of a wide variety of skin tones, but most of the standard graphics available still lack Latin flair -- until now. A Latino marketing company took notice of the lack of Latin-flavored emojis in the standard Unicode set, and decided it would be a good way to catch the eyes -- and it hopes, the dollars -- of tech savvy Latinos.
Latinas Think Big

Latinas Think Big Launches Startup Communities to Catalyze Latina Entrepreneurial Culture

Latinas Think Big is taking a crack at the diversity in startups problem by launching startup communities, designed for Latinas, across the country.
MiTú Network's Beatriz Acevedo, Marketplace

MARKETPLACE: Beatriz Acevedo's Key to Success with MiTú? Let Young Latino Creators Do What They Want

If you haven't heard of the MiTú network yet, you will. Starting as a collection of YouTube lifestyle channels aimed at Latino viewers in 2012, MiTúhas grown its reach across new and old media, as well as its audience and its influence, to become the largest Latino entertainment network worldwide.
latino business

Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Especially Latinos, Are Fueling the US Startup Economy

A new study published late last week shows that immigrants are driving the startup economy in the U.S. -- along with showing a boom in immigrant Latino entrepreneurs starting new businesses.
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