5 Latina Creatives Who Can Help You Reach Your Goals in 2020
(Photo : Stocksnap)

Latinas are showcasing their creative side in various ways. From conquering in different media, coaching, to empowering fellow Latinas. 

Here are a few Latina creatives who will surely help you one way or another through their coaching, education, and experience in their chosen fields:

Career: Catalina Peña

Catalina Peña is helping people through social media, specifically on Instagram. Her advocacy is to help people get their career soaring. This Afro-Latina creative dedicated her work for the people of color and their success in their career paths.  

An article from Belatina said that her abundant experience with recruitment for large technology companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, Facebook, and Twitter makes her the ideal candidate for a career coach. 

Business: Britanny Chavez

Britanny Chavez is the founder of ShopLatinx. The business that Chavez established has been a great support to Latino businesses. This business is made to curate Latino businesses from different parts of the country. This business earns the support of customers through its marketplace. 

The shopping platform helps customers find various types of goods such as clothes and home decor. It helps customers to easily find what they are shopping for. 

According to Chavez, she only partners with brands and people who are trustworthy and are knowledgeable about their target market. 

Training: New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC)

The New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC) is an organization that is head by undocumented youth. The organization's goal is to assist undocumented youth such as giving them the needed tools and space to make a change in society. The organization supports undocumented youths by equipping them with helpful skills such as leadership and entrepreneurship. Also, these youths are assisted with their education.

Their organization can be booked for workshops involving the adaptation to an educational system inside an immigration home. Also, the speaker for a training event can be requested. Donations are also accepted. The donations will be used to carry out the activities of the training.

Entrepreneurship: Blogger House Curvy Closet

The Blogger House Curvy Closet is a fashion business that targets curvy Latina customers. The Latina creatives behind the business aim to provide wider options for fashionable clothing for curvy women.

Also, this Latina-established business aims to allow curvy women to wear trendy and affordable outfits. 

Darlene Lebron and Sandra Negron are the founders of the Blogger House Curvy Closet. Both of them have Puerto Rican blood running through their veins. The two made the company as a solution to give their closets a makeover, earn good money, and help out the community. 

They started the business by selling plus-size outfits on the internet. They had created a community was trying new stuff is celebrated and influencers can help everyone transform into better versions of themselves.

Media: Connie Chavez

Connie Chavez is a Latina creative who had created a name in the Peruvian filmmaking and photography industry. She had worked with famous brands such as Rockstar Games, AfroPunk, and TIDAL. Most of her projects with those brands centered on highlighting the beauty and creativity of people of color.