Amid this COVID-19 crisis, you surely have a lot of time indoors, so why not spend it playing Fortnite and becoming a battle royale master?

Battle Royal games like Fortnite are not for the faint of heart. You have to survive, explore, and scavenge elements of survival--all while fighting for the number one spot at the end of the match. But some things are for sure: the genre rewards mastery and you'll kill your time doing something you enjoy.

There are loads of hacks for Fortnite for players who are serious about becoming a battle royale master.

Check out some of these incredible techniques you can use to win Fortnite!

1. Cosmetic camouflage!

You can buy costumes or skins and other cosmetics in-game to give you an advantage over other players like this Love Ranger Angel skin and Toy Soldier skin.

These skins give you an advantage to camouflage at the surrounding or look like a statue that your opponents cannot recognize.

2. Build traps round your opponents!

One of the coolest Fortnite hacks you can do in the whole game is to defeat your enemies buy building a trap while fight them! However, it needs a lot of practice and it's very dangerous to be building while you're fighting. One wrong move can cost you your life but if you can manage to do it then you're up there with the best of the best!

3. Rocket riding!

If you've played Battle Royale at all then you've seen many players riding a rocket and probably at least thought about doing it. This technique works best if you have to help you launch behind other players or to cross Loot Lake without having to go through the water.

Check these out!

4. Stairway to heaven!

It's a technique may have fallen out of favor but you can bring it back. To do this, you have to start at the edge of the storm and build a huge ramp into the sky. Then, as the circle closes, you build with it. 

When the end of the match approaches, you can be so high above the ground that your opponent thinks to look for you. It's tricky and you'll probably have to come down at some point to defeat your opponents, but bringing back this technique might give you an advantage!

5. Ride the supply drop balloon!

According to an
article, supply drops can be an opportunity to bag free kills. When players spot one falling, they get loot hungry and rush towards the landing spot but you can leverage this by heading somewhere high up, build over the balloon, then hop right onto it.

As you descend onto your unwitting foe, you can slaughter them without a peep.

6. Be the bush!

You can squat down in a bush if you want to ambush some unsuspecting players. But take note: top-level players can and will spot you if you're in a suspicious-looking bush.