101-Year-Old-Man from Italy Survives Two Pandemics: COVID-19 and the Spanish Flu

(Photo: Wikimedia)

A 101-year-old man from the Italian city of Rimini was born in 1919. The 1918 Spanish Flu had taken the lives of many. Also, the man had been through two World Wars. His recent experience is with the COVID-19. He is the oldest person in the world to recover from the deadly disease caused by the novel coronavirus, says a report.

The 101-Year-Old Survivor of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy

The patient was referred to as Mr. P went to the Ospedale Infermi di Rimini, a hospital in Rimini, after finding out that he was positive for the novel coronavirus. 

The COVID-19 was not the only pandemic or epidemic that he had survived. During his birth, his town was encountering a flu pandemic. The Spanish Flu had taken approximately 600,000 Italians. He was a survivor of the pandemic. 

After a century, he finds himself confined in a hospital due to another pandemic. 

Hopelessness for the Man

The medical staff of the hospital felt hopeless for the old man. People age 65 and above are those that experience severe symptoms of the deadly disease, says the Vice Mayor of Rimini Gloria Lisi. 

After the man started getting better and recovering from the illness, he became the story that everyone talked about. 

The man became a symbol of hope for everyone especially for someone who is over a hundred years old to survive such a deadly illness. 

After Recovery from the COVID-19

After surviving the deadly disease, he was discharged from the hospital. 

Lisi was happy to share that Mr. P was able to overcome the illness. She said that his family brought him home. Mr. P's story of survival brings hope to those with the disease regardless of the odds given by statistics. 


Inspiration from the Survival of a 101-Year-Old from the COVID-19

Despite the abundance of negative news associated with the COVID-19, the story of Mr.P is something that brings a light of hope to those who have contracted the illness. It is undoubtedly real that his case is a rare find. However, his story reminds everyone to not give up on life's challenges because humanity has a greater power that overcomes trials, including pandemics. He survived two pandemics. 

The 1918 Pandemic: Spanish Flu

The 1918 Flu Pandemic was one of the worst pandemics in recent world history, says an article. The illness was caused by an H1N1 virus with avian origin genes. There are no found records of where the virus started. The virus had reached worldwide nations from 1918 to 1919. 

In the United States, the disease was first discovered in military personnel in 1918. Approximately, there are 500 million individuals who got infected with the illness. This makes up a third of the global population. The deaths from the disease were estimated to have reached 50 million worldwide.