With the vast amount of uniquely themed items for sale online, your kitchen might be decked out in all of the cutest, most modern culinary products---from pink coral pans to cartoon-themed food keepers. 

How about the rest of your house? If your rooms are looking less than stellar and you're looking for a way to bring color and life, then food-theme pillows are a great way to start. You can have Taco Tuesday all day, every day. Having donuts in bed is not the best idea. But a sprinkle donut pillow in bed? Now that's a sweet deal. 

Watermelon Slice Soft Velvet Foam Pillow

Watermelon Slice Realistic Soft Velvet Foam Pillow
(Photo: Amazon)

Watermelons are a great snack to have on hot, sunny days, especially during summer. But have you ever wanted to just bring one big slice into your bedroom without making a mess? We got the perfect one for you. 

Novelty Giant's Watermelon Pillow is made of ultra-soft velvet material that makes it the perfect hug partner. It's filled with foam to help you get a nice, comfortable afternoon nap. The stuffing is also made of high-grade material to ensure it won't get flimsy after a few uses. 

Best of all, it looks good enough to eat, giving you that summer vibe all year-round. 

Niuniu Daddy Avocado Shaped Stuffed Pillow

Niuniu Daddy 12 inch Avocado Food Plush Toys Shaped Fruit Series Cute Kawaii Stuffed Soft Pillow
(Photo: Amazon)

If you're addicted to avocado, then you'll surely want to own this one. Niuniu Daddy's Avocado Pillow is a 12-inch tall, handmade plush toy. The polyester material makes it extremely durable, huggable, and oh-so squeezable. 

The plush avocado toy is perfect for both kids and adults. It's also incredibly adorable, making it the ideal addition to your bedroom or your kid's playroom. 

Niuniu Daddy has a 24/7 service team to help pillow owners have the best possible product and experience for every purchase.

iScream Sugar-riffic Donut Shaped Pillow

iscream Sugar-riffic Donut Shaped Bi-Color 16
(Photo: Amazon)

There's always room for a bit of sugar, a bit of fun, and a whole lot of yummy. This fun and colorful donut printed pillow is a fluffy and squishy version of everyone's favorite classic treat. The shell is made of 100% polyester that makes it easier to clean. 

The pillows are perfect for birthdays, holidays, every day! The products come in three sizes: Full size scented, full size unscented, and mini size unscented.

Word of caution: iScream's donut pillow is filled with microbeads that are unsafe for children ages 3 and below. 

Pretty Comy 3D Fried Chicken Leg Pillow

3D Simulation Fried Chicken Leg Pillow & Home Decorative Food Cushion & Vivid Plush Stuffed Toy 21.65inch
(Photo: Amazon)

Pretty Comy's Fried Chicken pillow is a vivid and realistic product that will surely make your mouth water and your stomach rumble. It's made of plush cotton material that feels soft and comfortable to touch. 

The 3D Simulation makes it a perfect addition to any household, and an absolute shocker at any party. It's a super creative gift your friends and family would surely love to have. 

Pretty Comy has two chicken pillows: chicken leg and chicken wing. For anyone tired of poultry, they also have two seafood variations available: grilled squid, and shrimp with chives.