Paz Ellis' Plantains And The Seven Plagues: A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban, and Full Life

The Second Edition Of Paz Ellis' Plantains And The Seven Plagues: A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban, and Full Life

This memoir talks about "cross-cultural and trans-generational journey" and coming of age.

Graffiti Coloring Book for Beginners of All Ages

Have you ever wanted to try out graffiti, but you don’t know how to start? These coloring books will give you some ideas!

Bring Warmth to Your Home With These Alpaca Ponchos!

Just because you’re stuck in the house all day, it doesn’t mean you have to be cold and uncomfortable!

Smart and Sleek: Kitchen Racks for Spice Lovers

Looking to save space, but don’t want to toss out any of your beloved spices? We’ve got a line of products for you!

Titles of Choice for Learning Spanish

If you’re thinking about learning Spanish during the pandemic, this can be considered peak quarantine education.

Soccer Accessories for the Indoor Athlete

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, it’s always a good idea to wear the right equipment.
Hazmat suits

Quarantine Fits: Protective Suits for the Pandemic

During this global crisis, you might be wondering what might be the most appropriate to wear, and whether or not you should buy a suit. If you’re considering the latter, here are some options for you to consider!

Fun Printed Toilet Paper Rolls You Can Purchase Online

Let’s face it, quality has always been considered better than quantity. And during this pandemic, while we’re looking for a cure for the coronavirus, let’s remember the age-old doctor’s prescription: Laughter is the best medicine.
 Watermelon Slice Realistic Soft Velvet Foam Pillow

Deliciously Adorable Food-Themed Pillows You'll Want to Snuggle With in Bed

These pillows are so cute you just might want to eat them.

5 of the Coolest Terrarium Kits On Amazon

Sometimes when it comes to home furnishings, we would just like to find something that gives life to any space.

5 Fun Indoor Science Kits

You can give the experience of science to children at any moment, so he or she could conduct fascinating experiments using a top-quality kit.

Feel Lucky With These St. Patrick’s Day Accessories

Came to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some fun accessories to amp up your outfit and holiday spirit!

4 Best Scratch Maps For World Travelers

Do you travel often? Listed below are the 4 best scratch off maps for your travel documentary.
Jade roller

Best Jade Rollers on Amazon

It could be the fastest way to perfect skin to use a facial massage tool in your daily skincare routine.

The 4 Best Floating Shelves

Don't think about space anymore! Here are four of the best floating racks to buy in less space!

Immune Boosting Vitamins to Help Protect Against Coronavirus

Indeed vitamins are essential to one’s health. Here are the top 5 vitamins that are available in Amazon.
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