Whether you're a native speaker or a beginner looking to learn Spanish, reading helps improve your understanding of the language. Before you delve into the complicated bits like sentence structures and grammar, you must first learn the basics.

Don't worry. You don't need to rush! The more you read, the easier it'll get. These are some titles of choice that are highly recommended for basic Spanish.

1. My 1st Spanish Word Book / Mi Primer Libro De Palabras EnEspanol: A Bilingual Word Book (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Hardcover

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An oldie, but a goodie! First published in the 90s, this book is still widely considered to be useful in teaching people of all ages the basic Spanish vocabulary.

Beautifully illustrated, My First Spanish Word Book is a marvelous book of choice for people who are working to achieve fluency in Spanish. At the back of the book, there is an English-Spanish index that makes it friendly for readers to navigate through the words.

2. First Thousand Words in Spanish Paperback

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Another strength in this selection is the illustration that comes with the words. For learners young and old, you will find this useful in understanding the differences between masculine and feminine words. In addition, there's also a dictionary at the back that translate the Spanish words to English for better reference.

3. The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred

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While not exactly a choice for first words, this Primary Spanish learning storybook is a retelling of a familiar tale with gorgeous artistry. Reading the words aloud, you will find yourself immersed in the pictures of a vibrant world that celebrates culture and community.

4. Quiero a mi Mama Porque (I Love my Mommy Because Eng/Span ed) Board book

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Try and give your family something to look forward to before going to bed. Imagine your child cozying up to you as you read the book, thinking to yourself, "This is the life." Learning Spanish alongside your child will give you more time to bond!

In the book, most of the content is in Spanish, while the English translation is written much smaller on the bottom of the pages. The pictures also allow the child to learn what the names of the animals are in Spanish!

5. Spanish (Flash Kids Flash Cards) Cards

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Although not technically a book, this set of cards provides an equally essential and useful learning experience! The cards are very well made and are durable enough to withstand minor abuse from young learners. There are a variety of topics that range from the basic vocabulary of body parts, animals, numbers, colors, to other everyday objects.

Even when you're busy, the card sets make for a quick review of basic Spanish! Simply flash them out and swipe through all the cards. You can even challenge yourself to memorize the name of the pictures by covering the words!

6. Dragones y Tacos (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback

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Think about your favorite Mexican food and scaled mythical beast. If these are tacos and dragons, we might have just the book for you! It's a bonus if you're looking to learn Spanish.

The design is also beautifully crafted, with a mixture of various modes of painting like watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils! Its silliness and fun will leave you with laughter and a light heart.

Check these out!