Mexican Songs that Made a Significant Impact on US and Latino Music

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The most famous Mexican songs in the history of the United States reveals the widespread legacy of Mexican music, says an article.

In the music industry, the relevance of Mexico in the culture of the US in the twentieth century and the creator's influences on cultural and artistic growth is evident.

The Mexican love songs, including children and rock songs, have touched multiple generations of not only of those of Mexican descent but also Americans. These people have found a good source of entertainment and talent in Mexican music.

Here are some of the most popular Mexican songs to ever air on American radio:

'Oye cómo va' by Santana

The song was written in 1963 by Tito Puente, a mambo legend from New York. Santana made his version of the song in 1970 and transformed it into wonder for the Latin Rock genre, which was just emerging during that time. Also, this was one of the pioneer songs in the rock genre.

Santana changed the wind sections of Tito Puente's version of the song to smooth guitars. The song was included in his 'Abraxas' music album. It was one of the greatest Latin Rock albums in history. His rendition of the 1963 song reached the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at 13th place.

The song has opened a lot of opportunities for success to Latin American music in the United States of America. Then, it was given a big boost by various Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians who created music based on their uniqueness and creativity.  

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Tito Puente understood that Santana's version was better and that it connected better with the general public, so he had no problems in giving all the credit to the Mexican musician.

'La Bamba' by Ritchie Valens

This song is traditionally played at weddings in Veracruz. The first official recording of the 'La Bamba' was made in 1939. The version of Ritchie Valens on the song in 1958 immortalized its contribution to the history of the Rock genre.

His version of the song was recorded in the Side B of his first-ever hit called 'Donna.' Also, it was able to be included in the Top 40 Chart of the US.

'Querida' by Juan Gabriel

Querida is the most famous song of a very significant Mexican singer of all time, Juan Gabriel.

Gabriel made use of a Sinatra-music style orchestral pop with a rhythm similar to the music of the Beatles. It showcased a dramatic expression of despair.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the song was Mexico's music version of Elvis Presley, Prince, and Elton John. Juan Gabriel had created a new category with the song.  

'La incondicional' by Luis Miguel

In the late 80s, he had become one of the greatest love song singers in the United States and Latin America. He made his rendition of this Latin American ballad and gave a new air for Mexican songs during that time.