Over the last two decades, the explosion of social media has transformed our world.  It may have both positive or negative impact on society, but platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have increased human connection, across the various communities and globally. One individual in particular used social media to boost Thailand's agricultural industry.

(Photo : Suparantana Bencharongkul)

Suparantana Bencharongkul has risen up the agricultural sector through her introduction of the Agri-tech revolution in Thailand. Being the daughter of a telecom billionaire, Bencharongkul did not sit in the comfort zone of a rich family, but went ahead to dirty her hands in the field, a struggle that resulted in her push of Thailand's agricultural revolution.  Realizing the need to boost local agricultural products to the larger market and to compete fairly with the large producers, she saw the need of coming up with a technology that will ensure all that is attained

Through Bencharongkul's Instagram account, @nina_neungb, Smart farming and land development finally gotten the opportunity to show its beneficial side. One of the various ways that smart farm has shown the positive side of using social media is by bridging the gap between small scale and large-scale farming.  Unlike in the past where large-scale farmers dominated the market due to accessibility and financial stability, the use of social media has helped the small-scale farmers in selling their products, enjoy a competitive market and the possibility of sustainability.

Bencharongkul further introduced various farming techniques that were to be adopted by farmers to help drive the growth in agriculture.  Agri-tech technology was important to educate the farmers in the use of various resources, such as fuel, water, fertilizers, and chemicals. Other uses entail education or advice on ways to improve the production quality to in the international market standard and quantity to make a profit and feed the entire nation. Other factors touched on through Argri-tech in agriculture are various ways that farmers can use to mitigate agricultural risks, reduce the various environmental footprints in the farming practice and make agriculture not only an economic activity but also a possible form of employment in Thailand and across the globe. 

Despite the presence of various negative effects of technology in society, its major positive influence may not go unnoticed. The introduction of the Argri-tech initiative in Thailand by Bencharongkul, not only led to a change of perception concerning agriculture, but an education platform that saw the prosperity of agriculture arrived get implemented.