This quarantine period, you can stream all the Latin American movies you've been meaning to watch but didn't have the time to do so because of your busy schedule. Sure, streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ are a huge hit these days, but with their emphasis on big names and big budgets, you may be wondering where to turn to if you want to find less well-known film titles. Some of these indie movies are often film festival qualifiers but rarely get U.S. distribution. More importantly, perhaps you're looking for sites to stream your favorite Latin American films for free.

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A recent article shares a list of Latin American indie movie streaming sites. Here are some of them:

Cinema Tropical Collection

Are you looking for quality Latin American cinema? The Cinema Tropical Collection streams select Latin American films available digitally for the first time, plus some of the best-reviewed Latin American films of the last decade. With hopes of spotlighting Latin American talent even without the professional support they've long depended on, the site also offers virtual Q&As with the directors.

Recommended films to watch: Todo lo demás, Tu y yo, Kékszakállú


Looking for bilingual content?

Pantaya features a slate of Spanish language and bilingual content catering to U.S. Latinos. It is unrivaled when it comes to showcasing blockbuster Mexican hits and has a wide selection of family-friendly content. You can also stream live concerts and broad comedies in Pantaya solely dedicated to Latino audiences.

Recommended films to watch: Everybody Loves Somebody, Las niñas Bien, Que León

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Retina Latina

Looking for free Latin American films? Retina Latina is freely and publicly showcasing Latin American cinema for those living in Latin America and the Caribbean. The streaming site depends on public funds from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, and Colombia, that's why it's no surprise to find government-funded films from those respective countries on the site. Also, if you live outside Latin America, don't worry because eight percent of the films found in Retina Latina has been made available to watch all over the world.

Recommended movies to stream: Rosa Chumbe, El Libro de Lila, Keyla


Looking for Latino documentary movies?

If you're interested in Latin American documentaries, DaFilms is the site for you. DaFilms features documentary films from festivals across the globe. The curated programs highlight original documentaries covering meaningful topics, present retrospectives on filmmakers that push the boundaries of the documentary form, and highlight films from countries with strong cinematic traditions. While the site is global in scope, you'll find some of the most striking Latin American documentaries among their selections.

Recommended films to stream: Icaros, 1982, En el Futuro

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Looking for free Spanish-language films?

Tubi provides viewers access to the most extensive library of premium Spanish-language movies and TV shows for free. Everything from blockbuster hits to Oscar-winning films is freely available in this streaming site.

Recommended movies to stream: Amores Perros, XXY, Cuatro lunas