Ahmaud Arbery, a man from Georgia, was killed by two white men gaining attention from lawmakers and athletes after the video of the incident was released online.

Ahmaud Arbery Was Killed by Two White Men

Gregory McMichael, 64 years old, spotted Ahmaud Arbery jogging on February 23. He called 911 to report a "black man running down the street." Following this, he called his son Travis, armed themselves, and followed Arbery. 

According to the claims of Gregory McMichael, he suspected that Arbery was involved in recent burglaries. His son tried to stop Arbery by shouting, "Stop, stop, we want to talk to you!" However, McMichael claimed that Arbery attacked his son. The police officers said that Travis then fired two shots.

Released Footage

The claims of McMichael contradicted a video, which was released online. The said video shows Arbery running at a slow pace towards a white truck. Two other men were seen outside of the truck, one of them standing on the truck's bed. 

The video showed Arbery trying to run around the truck but his attempt failed. The man on the truck's bed is seen in the video holding a handgun. 

Meanwhile, Arbery's family said that he was just out for his daily jogging and he was not involved in the alleged burglaries recently. 

Lawmakers, Lebron James, and Other Athletes Speak Up for Justice

A representative from a district in New York said: "Ahmaud Arbery was murdered for being Black. His White assailants were allowed to roam free [for months] after lynching him. They faced no charges, no arrests. Police had video of Ahmaud's murder the day it happened. His family deserves justice. Our country deserves answers."

At the time of the incident, no charges were filed for the assailants. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-California. also tweeted and wrote: "Justice must be blind. Bring #Ahmaud Arbery's killers to justice."  

Meanwhile, Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp  was prompted to speak about the said incident. He said that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was assisting the prosecutor who assigned on the case to ensure a thorough, independent, investigation about the shooting.

Gov. Kemp added: "Georgians deserve answers. State law enforcement stands ready to ensure justice is served."

The shooting also caught the attention of some athletes, one being Lebron James, who made a comment on Wednesday and said that African-Americans are literally hunted everyday or every time they go outside.  

On his Twitter account, James wrote: "We're literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can't even go for a damn jog man! Like WTF man are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!? No man fr [for real] ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I'm sorry Ahmaud(Rest In Paradise) and my prayers and blessings sent to the heavens above to your family!" 

There are other athletes who also shared sympathy through their social media account. Brian Orakpo wrote: "In tears of anger right now making this post about #AhmadArbery Unbelievable."

Torrey Smith also wrote: "How do I explain what happened to #AhmaudArbery to my 6 year old son?" while Tavon Young and Enes Kanter are both asking for justice. 

Authorities in Georgia pledged that they will have a full investigation about the shooting incident and will bear the experience that the agency has in resolving this matter. 

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