The story of the decades-long crime is being brought back by Netflix in its TV show called Narcos: Mexico. The story of Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a DEA agent who met a tragic fate in Mexico, will be shown in the TV series in four parts. 

It was reported by an article that Camarena was first tortured and then killed in Mexico. It was one of the biggest investigations for a murder that DEA had to go through in history. 

The Making of the A Docuseries About Camarena

The docuseries about the life of Camarena will be shown in four parts. The title of the docuseries is 'The Last Nac.' Those who were close to the former DEA agent such as his widow Geneva "Mika" Camarena and many DEA agents had collaborated with the creators of the docuseries to make it as close to the reals story. 

The docuseries is led by Tiller Russell, the series' director. He expressed his desire to show the story of one of the significant stories involving "war on drugs.:"

Kidnapped, Beaten, and Killed

While in his office in Guadalajara, Mexico, a group of armed men waited until Camarena went outside. After the group saw Camarena outside, they made a move to catch him. After successfully capturing Camarena, they took him to a house nearby. There, the DEA agent was beaten, tortured, burned, and murdered, based on an article

His capture, torture, and murder were made known to the public in 1985. It was one of the devastating events in the history of DEA. 

Based on an article, his remains were only discovered a month after his disappearance. His dead body was discovered in areas near Michoacán. 

Why Did They Kill Him?

Based on an article, Camarena has worked in Mexico for many years and had been one of the agents investigating marijuana and cocaine trade. 

It was reported that in 1984, Camarena was involved with interrupting major marijuana trade operations. It was believed that Camarena had a significant contribution to the success of the mission. 

His Widow

After knowing the tragic story of her husband's death, Geneva, Camarena's' widow, had made it her life's purpose to support bringing those who have gone against the law to pay for their deeds. In an article, it was told that Geneva remembered that her fallen husband had dreamt of working for the FBI when he was still a teenager. 

Joining DEA

Camarena was not able to reach his dreams of becoming an FBI agent. However, he was able to serve the country enforcing the law as a DEA agent. He was given the job in 1970. He first worked in Calexico then moved to Guadalajara, where he was abducted and killed. 

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Honoring His Death and Sacrifice

In his hometown, Calexico, California, they established 'Red Ribbon Day' in 1985 to honor Camarena's contribution to the country's war on drugs. Later on, this celebration will become known throughout the country.