Racism and police violence are some of the issues that are being raised for awareness by the many protesters who had staged demonstrations across the country after the death of George Floyd in the hands of a police officer. 

A lot of celebrities had expressed their opinions and support for the people who are protesting and expressing the issues about racism and violence. 

Many of these celebrities is a Latina superstar who had had a fair share of struggles before she attained success in the entertainment industry.

Jennifer Lopez's Message

Jennifer Lopez is a singer-dancer-actress who had also expressed her support for the people of color across the world. 

In a social media post, she shared how saddened she felt for people having to suffer from violence due to their skin color. Also, she asks everyone to appreciate the uniqueness of every people. Additionally, she calls for everyone to unite and love one another instead of having anger and hate get in the way of people living harmoniously from one another. 

She also included a video of Martin Luther King giving a speech about his hope for the future of his children and that people will not be judging anyone based on their skin color. 

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Being Proud of Her Latino Heritage

Jennifer Lopez had shown everyone that everything is possible if you focus and work hard for your dreams. The youthful Latina artists had proven to everyone that regardless of anyone's skin color or heritage, they can reach their goals and dreams with commitment. Also, being proud of your heritage can help a lot to make you stand-out in the crowd. 

Based on an article, Jennifer Lopez was one of the artists in the entertainment industry who had helped changed how Latinos were represented in films. Along with other artists, they were able to shift the common notions given to Latinos in films such as illegal immigrants and criminals into something positive and uplifting for the entire Latino community.

In a performance in the Super Bowl with Shakira this year, they both showed how talented members of the Latino community can be. 

George Floyd's Death

According to an article, George Floyd was arrested in front of a store in Minneapolis after being reported for paying a fake $20 bill to a store. In the article, the store shared that they will change how they report to the police to prevent innocent individuals from getting in trouble for a crime they possibly did not commit.

It was reported in an article that the autopsy of George Floyd reveals that the cause of death of the victim was asphyxiation that was caused by the pressure of the officer's knee on the victim. Furthermore, the article reveals that the cause of Floyd's death as stated in the autopsy reports points to a homicide case. 

Since Floyd's death, many people had conducted rallies to raise awareness of racism, violence, and other issues that the people of color in the country are experiencing.