Immigration Nation was featured by TIME on July 29 as the "most important show" of 2020. The docuseries presents the revelations at the inner works of Immigrations Customs Enforcement or better known as "ICE." The show caught the officers and the plight of many people that makes the United States' immigration system.

On August 3, the six-part docuseries arrived on Netflix. The show reminds us of the unstable system of the immigration policies in the U.S that left the entire family physically and emotionally lost.

Filmmakers Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz gave insights at a system that typically hidden from public awareness. The filmmakers followed the stories of immigrants from all over the world to build their lives in the U.S and embed the immigrants with ICE agents while enforcing immigration policies.

The exchange of the U.S administration, which was taken by President Donald Trump in 2017, brought a harder immigration agenda. These changes resulted in a shift of priorities for the ICE agency, as per MSN.

The compilation made by Schwarz and Clusiau shows moments of detaining as many immigrants as officers can, despite many shocking and potentially illegal actions. There were scenes when ICE agents identify themselves improperly as "police" and mislead immigrants about the rights they have.

The film was processed by breaking down the most powerful and often harrowing moments of the series; the filmmakers told TIME. The candid moments shows the contradictory nature of the officers' jobs.

The stories shared by immigrants at the heart of "Immigration Nation" caught within a draconian system. There was a series where a father handcuffed his cries when he talked about his experience where ICE separated him from his 3-year-old son.

Immigration Nation: Docuseries About Reality in a Nation Now on Netflix
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immigration Nation Netflix This documentary series offers a unique and nuanced view of the ongoing struggles in America's broken immigration system.

In the other story, an older woman was deported after more than a year of being detained by ICE. The woman attempted to seek asylum in the U.S as MS-13 tried to force her granddaughter to marry the MS-13.

Another story unfolded in the series of a man named Bernardo; an immigrant from Guatemala came to the U.S and was still separated from his son even after the administration ended family separation policy.

Bernardo's son, Emilio, is with his aunt, another undocumented immigrant that lives in the U.S. Emilio had a bad experience due to becoming an extra burden to his aunt, who needs to look after him. At the same time, Bernardo stayed in detention and was trapped for months without seeing his family. Bernardo's wife, Rebecca, got frustrated over the situation, which requires her to stay behind in Guatemala with their other children.

Recently, The NY Times reported that the U.S administration wants to prevent the release of "Immigration Nation" before the 2020 presidential election. Allegedly, the filmmakers faced demands to delete scenes and delay the broadcast at least after the election.

As the docuseries reached the nearest completion, the administration mightily fought to avoid the show's release until after the 2020 election. Government officials threatened to file legal action to block parts of the "Immigration Nation" from seeing the light of day.

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