His Dark Materials has closed its second season with a dramatic little introduction of Philip Pullman's final installment of the fantasy trilogy.

The season 2 finale unveiled the biblical prophecy around Lyra Silvertongue (Dafne Keene), according to a Deadline article.

A witch is holding he against her will by Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) and her new allies, reveals that Lyra's true name is Eve.

Caught in the middle of Mrs. Coulter's search for Lyra is the devoted aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Lin Manuel Miranda).

Lee loses the battle against Magisterium guards to help buy Andrew Scott's Jopari (a.k.a. Jopari or Stanislaus Grumann) some time.

Meanwhile, Miranda discusses his journey as Lee with the series, leading up to hos final moments in the material world.

The actor also implied a possible return for the third season, according to an Entertainment Weekly report.

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Miranda Playing The Role

Miranda said that his first reaction when he first said yes to the role that he's going to have to do some of the most heartbreaking deaths in literature, or at least in the literature that he has read.

He added that he thinks he has been preparing since signing on for the role.

Miranda said that one of the things that is so affecting about it is that every death in this story is two deaths.

"We haven't just gotten to know Lee, we've gotten to know Hester and their relationship," Miranda was quoted on a report.

Miranda added that he believes that is the extra twist that audience will never see coming.

Miranda said that the scene was heartbreaking in the book, adding that he hoped they gave it a bit of justice.

The actor said that he felt the death of his role Lee physically on a Sunday afternoon in New York, saying that things were said.

However, he admitted that he has not watched the final episode yet as it has not been aired in the States yet.

Miranda said that he did watch the UK post all crying emojis and he did go through it in person, according to a Variety report.

He assured, however, that there is still a chance for Lee to come back for season 3, with The Amber Spyglass conquers the world of the dead.

Miranda said that they just found out that season 3 was happening and that is really exciting news, adding that he is glad they get to finish telling the story.

He added that he was really disappointed when they made the move of "Golden Compass" and it did not get a sequel.

Miranda said that the third installment of the story is really ambitious, adding that he cannot wait to see what they would do with it.

"If there's a call for Lee in a corporeal or non-corporeal form, I would be there," ," Miranda was quoted on a report.

He said that his family would love to go back to Wales

His Dark Materials tells the story of Lyra's quest to find her kidnapped friend and there she uncovered a sinister plan of a secret organization.

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