A Brazilian drug dealer has allegedly killed and dismembered his former girlfriend, Bianca Lourenco, due to jealousy.

Bianca Lourenco was 24-year-old and was reported to vanished from the Rio housing project where she lived. She then turned up murdered and dismembered, according to a KNewz report.

Her disappearance happened shortly after she posted photos of herself wearing a tight bikini on Twitter. She posted the photo with a caption saying, If I were you, I would certainly hate me, too," according to The Sun report.

Local police are still looking into the young woman's death. Lourenco's body parts were reportedly found in the area.

Lourenco's relatives went on to accuse her drug-dealer ex, who has been identified as either Enzo or Dalton, of killing Lourenco.

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Suspect has a history of violence

Lourenco and her ex had been together for just over a year when she ended the relationship with her drug dealer ex-boyfriend. She then posted the photos on social media on Jan. 2. People who knew Lourenco said that her ex was violent.

"This guy followed her to the bus station armed to stop her from travelling," according to one acquaintance of Lourenco who wished to be anonymous, was quoted on a report.

The acquaintance added that Lourenco's ex-boyfriend closed Avenida Brasil, which is a main throughfare in Rio de Janerio, to kidnap her. However, Lourenco's ex-boyfriend did not pull it off.

The person added that her ex-boyfriend did not in any way accept the end of their relationship. Lourenco was known to put an end to the relationship after he became violent with her, according to reports.

Bianca's aunt said she went to look for her niece and found her ex drinking alcohol, proceeding to tell her that he had killer her.

The family said that they have asked for Bianca's body but the drug dealer was said to change his story, telling them that he did not do anything, according to a Daily Star report.

Lourenco wrote a tweet on Nov. 22 that foreshadowed her murder and dismemberment in Rio. In a tweet, Lourenco wrote that it is better to marry 20 times than to remain 20 years unhappy with the same person.

Lourenco's family declined to file a police report out of fear that her ex-boyfriend would retaliate just as what he did to Lourenco. However, it has been reported that the police have been investigating the case.

Violence against women in Brazil

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights claimed that four women have been killed every year so far in 2019 in Brazil. The agency called the rate alarming in an earlier Reuters report.

The IACHR said that more must be done to prevent and investigate femicides in Brazil.

Brazil passed a law in 2015 to stop femicide, giving a legal definition of the crime while implementing tougher punishments with jail sentences up to 30 years for convicted offenders.

Brazil was among 15 other Latin America countries to have introduced laws against femicide in the recent years. The United Nation stated that Latino America has the world' highest rates of femicide.

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