Hispanic millennials in the United States represent 21 percent of the country's overall millennial population, and the former demographic consume as much digital technology as their peers.

A March report by Sensis and ThinkNow found Hispanics to be open in consuming media in both English and Spanish languages -- 40 percent. The second most-preferred option in consuming media was "mostly English" with 20 percent, ahead of 16 percent for "mostly Spanish." More Hispanic millennials do prefer English-only media than Spanish-only media, as seen with 16 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

In eMarketer's report, "U.S. Hispanic Millennials: Bridging Cultural and Technology Gaps," digital shopping and buying are topics Hispanics are "receptive," even offline. Hispanics were found to be more open to receive digital offers from advertisers and brands than non-Hispanics.

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An Experian Marketing Services study last September found 18.7 percent of Hispanics, between the ages of 18 and 34, were interested in accepting advertisements on their mobile devices. Within the same age group but among non-Hispanics, the study found only 8.5 percent would be interested in advertisements on their mobile device. The Experian study revealed 22.7 of Hispanic millennials were more likely to purchase products or services they saw advertised on their mobile gadget while non-Hispanics responded with 14.1 percent.

Elsewhere, a survey from ThinkNow in May 2013 found 77 percent of Hispanic millennials stating advertisements on their mobile devices delivered useful information about new products.

With Hispanic millennials showing their satisfaction in receiving media in both English and Spanish languages, Hunter Public Relations Vice President Annette Gonzalez-Malkin said, via eMarketer, "Nearly half of Hispanic millennials are U.S.-born, are more acculturated and are consuming media in English. Still, they maintain a strong cultural duality. It's more about infusing advertising with cultural nuances."

According to Univision Communications' Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights Roberto Ruiz, Hispanics are more aware and sensitive of the "cultural duality," as Gonzalez-Malkin noted, in advertisements. Ruiz stated advertisements with particular stereotypes could alienate Hispanic millennials

According to eMarketer, 21 million of the U.S. population is Hispanic millennials.


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