During Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed the mental health pressures she struggles with during her time as part of the Royal family.

Markle further said that she went to one of the Palace institution's most senior people for support after having thoughts of self-harm. She then noted that she was told she could not go somewhere else for help as it would not be good for the image of the royals.

Markle's long-time friend said that there was evidence that the royal family and Buckingham Palace staff knew about the Duchess of Sussex's mental health challenges, according to an Insider report.

Janina Gavankar spoke up after Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday that the family was saddened to learn about the extent of Markle's challenges.

"I know that the family and staff were well aware of the extent of it, and though their recollections may vary, ours don't, because we lived through it with them. And there are many emails and texts to support that," the actress was quoted in a report.

Gavankar added that she does not know who knew, but she knows that the family and the staff are aware.

The actress also spoke about the palace's investigation into claims that Markle bullied the staff members of the Palace, saying that she has known her friend for 17 years and she has seen the way she treats people around.

Gavankar highlighted that Markle is not a bully.

Aside from Gavankar, many others have come forward and expressed their support for Markle after her candid revelation in the interview.

One of those was Serena Williams, who posted on Twitter that the Duchess is a noble person who had experienced pain and cruelty.

She also condemned the sexism and racism faced by other women, herself, and Markle.

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Reply of the Palace

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace released a statement following the interview of Prince Harry and Markle.

The statement said that recollections may vary about the issues raised in the interview, but the issues were taken very seriously and would be discussed privately within the family, according to an ABC Net report.

The statement further said that the three of them, Harry, Meghan, and Archie, will always be much-loved family members.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles has remained mum about the issue of stopping taking Prince Harry's calls at one point.

Prince Harry discussed the deals he and Markle made with Netflix and Spotify. The prince said that they were done as some way to meet their ongoing security needs, according to a CNBC report.

The couple also shared they got married before the official royal wedding in a small ceremony.

Aside from security concerns and Markle's mental health struggles, they also revealed that there were conversations within the family concerning what would be Archie's skin color.

Markle said that the comments were spoken to Prince Harry and were relayed to her by her husband, according to a Variety report.

Markle did not reveal who in the royal family spoke about those concerns. However, Prince Harry clarified that his grandparents are not the ones who raised the skin color concern.

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