Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have offered to help Buckingham Palace on how to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but it has been met with silence.

The Palace is reportedly looking for a "diversity czar" following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah, accusing the royal family of racism, according to a Knewz report

"Harry and Meghan would very much want to be involved with discussions about how the Palace might become a more diverse workplace," Vanity Fair's royal correspondent Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

But Nicholl added that she had a feeling that "this is all being handled in-house" and being taken care of "by courtiers with the oversight of the Queen and members of the royal family."

Following the couple's interview with Oprah, the monarchy decided to engage in an upcoming "listen and learn" exercise, wherein the royals will "seek independent views" on how it can improve diversity efforts, according to a Page Six report.

A Palace source said this is an issue, which has been taken very seriously.

"We have the policies, procedures, and programs in place but we haven't seen the progress we would like and accept more needs to be done," the source told the Mail, adding that they can always improve.

Nicholl explained that the possible new role of a diversity czar would be someone possibly leading a team who oversees the workforce at the Palace and make sure it is a modern and progressive workforce inclusive of people of color, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities, ET Online reported

A Palace source noted that this is the role the royal family is looking for even before the Oprah interview. The source added that the royal family has listened to what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said, including claims of institutionalized racism, and would take some of this "on board."

Nicholl said the diversity czar would not be duty-bound to the likes of Meghan Markle. According to an Express report, none of the Windsors have spoken with Meghan Markle after she dragged their names during the Oprah interview.

Meanwhile, 99-year-old Prince Philip has been having bouts of problems regarding his health. He recently returned home after a month in the hospital to treat a heart condition and an infection. Reports said the royal family has been trying to keep the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drama from overwhelming the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Oprah Interview

During the interview, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that there were conversations among the Royal Family about how dark their son, Archie, would be. Prince Harry said racism is among the factors that pushed them to flee from London to California.

The interview caused an uproar, including calls from the Commonwealth nations to drop Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state.

The Queen issued a statement after the Oprah interview, saying that some recollections may vary, but these were taken very seriously and will be addressed privately by the family.

The Queen said that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie will always be much loved family members.

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