A Pennsylvania woman lost her life after being stabbed by a man she met on Facebook Marketplace. Authorities identified the victim as Denise Williams, 54, who was trying to get a fridge to give as a gift to her boyfriend, according to a WJAC report.

Authorities noted that Williams' family reported her missing on Monday, the day she checked out the refrigerator.

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Pennsylvania Woman Stabbed to Death

Geistown Borough police said the lifeless body of Denise Williams was found inside the suspect's apartment on Tuesday, according to a Crime Online report. 

Authorities identified the 26-year-old suspect as Joshua Gorgone. The Pennsylvania woman's body was found with multiple stab wounds inside the bathroom of the apartment at 206 Old Scalp Ave.

Authorities noted that they were able to find Williams' body by tracking her phone. Police also used the information that William's family provided from her Facebook account.

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees said defensive wounds were also found on the Pennsylvania woman's body, indicating that there was a struggle before she was killed. Lees described the death of Williams to be violent.

"She did put up one heck of a fight," Lees noted. An autopsy was performed on Tuesday, and it revealed that the Pennsylvania woman died due to a massive blood loss caused by the stab wounds.

Authorities confirmed that Williams' death stemmed out from an argument regarding the cost of the refrigerator.

"When you lose someone like this or have incidents of this nature, it's a shock to us all," said Geistown Borough Police Chief Nicholas Zakucia.

Zakucia further noted that the crime scene was "a tough scene" for the police officers. Denise Williams is the sister of Robert "Bobby" Williams Jr., who was shot and killed by two men who forced their way into his home in Richland in 2013, Tribune Publishing reported.

Denise Williams, a mother of two, was a Conemaugh Health System employee who worked in the nursing field before she was killed.

The Suspect Who Used the Facebook Marketplace

Joshua Gorgone reportedly confessed to killing the Pennsylvania woman with a kitchen knife. He said they argued over the price of the refrigerator.

Police arrested Joshua Gorgone in a Richland Township shopping center parking lot on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities said Gorgone is facing criminal homicide charges and two counts of aggravated assault. He is being held without bond as homicide is a nonbailable offense in Pennsylvania.

Investigators believed that Denise Williams and Joshua Gorgone did not know each other before arranging to meet through Facebook Marketplace.

Because of the incident that killed the Pennsylvania woman, authorities have issued a warning in using platforms like the Facebook Marketplace when purchasing items. 

"Use caution when you're dealing with anybody or anything involving purchasing something through internet," said Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer.

Neugebauer noted that when meeting up with someone you do not know, "don't go alone" or don't invite them "to your house alone to look at something."

"Always have someone with you or if possible, meet in a public or well-lit place," he added.

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