Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo has turned himself in to federal agents to face charges in the disappearance and death of his pregnant girlfriend.

Felix Verdejo, 27, surrendered on Sunday night, just hours after the authorities discovered the body of his 27-year-old lover, Associated Press reported.

The Puerto Rican boxer is a lightweight contender, who represented his country at the 2012 Olympic games, New York Post reported. 

Initially, Verdejo was brought in for questioning by the local police on Friday as a person of interest in the disappearance of his girlfriend, Keishla Rodriguez.

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Felix Verdejo's Lover Found on Water

Keishla Rodriguez's body was discovered in a lagoon near the U.S. territory's capital on Saturday, a couple of days after her family reported that she was missing.

Puerto Rico's Institute of Forensic Science identified the woman as Rodriguez through her dental records earlier Sunday. The victim's family disclosed that Keishla Rodriguez was pregnant with Verdejo's child.

Keila Ortiz, Rodriguez's mother, said that her daughter called her before she vanished on Thursday to tell her that Verdejo was going to her house to see a pregnancy test result. 

Ortiz then told her daughter to be careful as the Puerto Rican boxer had already threatened her. The family reported to authorities that Rodriguez was missing after she failed to show up to work at an animal grooming business.

The victim's family said that Felix Verdejo is married but had kept in touch with Rodriguez since middle school, ESPN reported.

The Puerto Rican Boxer's Crime

 A criminal complaint filed by the FBI accused Felix Verdejo of abducting and killing Rodríguez. The complaint said that the Puerto Rican boxer threw her girlfriend off of a bridge in San Juan past 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Authorities said that Verdejo allegedly punched Rodriguez in the face and injected her with an unidentified substance bought in a public housing complex before he secured her feet and arms with wire and tied up a heavy block to her before throwing her to the bridge.

Verdejo also allegedly shot at her girlfriend's body as he stood on the bridge. A witness, who was not identified, reportedly helped Felix Verdejo to kidnap and kill the victim.

Meanwhile, Top Rank, an organization that promoted Felix Verdejo since he turned pro in 2012, has expressed its condolences to Rodriguez's family.

"Top Rank's thoughts and prayers are with Keishla Marlen Rodriguez Ortiz's family and friends, and with all those in mourning," the organization said. Top rank further noted that they would continue to monitor "developments in the case."

ESPN noted that Felix Verdejo's fighter page is no longer available on the Top Rank Website as of Sunday night. 

Felix Verdejo's case has outraged many in Puerto Rico. On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered at a bridge crossing the lagoon where Rodriguez's body was found to demand justice for her. Some of them had thrown flowers into the water.

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