An Alaska woman claimed that federal agents raided her home upon looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lost laptop. The incident happened in a boutique resort in Homer, Alaska, as federal agents track the speaker's laptop that got lost days after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2020, Associated Press reported.

It can be remembered that several Republicans from different committees questioned Pelosi about her responsibility for the security of the Capitol on January 6. A letter addressed to the House speaker asked why the request for the national guard assistance was rejected.

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Alaskan Residence Searched by Feds

Authorities identified the woman as Marilyn Hueper from Homer, Alaska. Hueper claimed that that the federal agents believed that she and her husband had Pelosi's laptop, New York Post reported. Hueper added that the federal agents also believed that she and her husband were a part of the mob that forcibly made their way in the vicinity of the Capitol.

Because of this, the agents seized Hueper's computer and cellphone. Her husband, Paul's cellphone, was also confiscated but was eventually returned by the agents.

The authorized search was conducted by the FBI and an officer from the Capitol Police, Fox News reported.

Hueper told Fox News that the federal agents broke down the door of their home as they seized the said electronics from them. She also noted that the agents told her that she probably knew why they were in their residence.

The woman said that she had no idea and explained to her that they were in the area for Nancy Pelosi's laptop. Hueper also asked the agents why they did not knock instead. However, the agents responded that they did, but no one answered.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Federal agents have shown video footage of alleged Hueper inside the building of the Capitol. The suspicion of the agents ended when Hueper pointed out that one of the photos shown to her had detached earlobes while hers are attached. She also claimed that she never owned a black Columbia coat with white lettering on the left shoulder.

The woman shared that they attended the broader rally outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, New York Post pointed out that Hueper denied entering the building of the U.S. Capitol.

The woman's husband posted a photo of his wife on his Instagram account that shows they were present at the Capitol riot. However, the photo showed that they were outside the building of the U.S. Capitol. Associated Press noted that the distance between the building and Hueper is no closer than 91 meters from the building entrance.

In an email to Associated Press, a spokeswoman from FBI Anchorage Office, Chloe Martin, noted that they cannot discuss further details until the issue reached the public realm.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, noted that the laptop that led the feds into the home of the woman from Alaska was only utilized for presentations.

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