Amazon will soon launch a new feature to their devices that will allow users of their devices in sharing a slice of their internet connection with their neighbors. The feature is called Sidewalk and is scheduled to automatically enroll the owner of their devices on June 8, according to a USA Today report.

Despite the multiple reports of Amazon Sidewalk's launch, USA Today pointed out that Amazon cannot be reached for comment.

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What is Amazon Sidewalk?

The Verge reported that Amazon Sidewalk is meant to help extend the range of their low-bandwidth devices, as well as making location devices such as Tile more effective. Furthermore, Amazon Sidewalk will share a portion of an individual's internet "bandwidth that is pooled together to provide services to you and your neighbors." Amazon noted in USA Today that "more neighbors participate, the network becomes stronger."

However, PC Mag noted that Amazon Sidewalk would not allow an individual to access the Wi-Fi of a neighbor and stream a video. The outlet noted that the Sidewalk would allow connecting a smart device and still function if in case there is a power outage, but the data cap of 500 per month will not allow the device to send a video stream.

Most Amazon Echo smart speakers such as Echo Spot, Echo Studio, and Echo Plus, will be eligible for made after 2018 will become a Sidewalk bridge that will fill between a home network's internet connection and devices using low-power wireless connections. Several Rings by Amazon will also be eligible for the Sidewalk such as the 2019 Wired-Ring Spotlight Cam, 2019 2019 Ring Floodlight Cam, and the 2019 Ring Spotlight Cam Mount.

2 Ways to Disable the Amazon Sidewalk Feature on Your Smart Devices

Although Amazon claimed that the Sidewalk feature has multiple layers of privacy and security when it comes to protecting their users' personal information, the company still provided their users, options that can help them disable Sidewalk in case they do now wish to participate in the new feature.

Using the Alexa App

One option is using the Alexa App. In Amazon's Alexa app, tap the "more" icon located at the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Then you have to go to settings, click account settings, then tap the "Amazon Sidewalk. Click the toggle to disable the feature but take note that the Amazon Sidewalk button will not appear if an individual is not connected to any Echo or Ring Devices.

Using The Ring App

There is also an option if you want to turn off the Amazon Sidewalk using the Ring App. In the Ring App, navigate to the Control Center by tapping the three-lined icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Next, select "Sidewalk" then use the slide button to disable the feature, then the user will be asked to confirm the action. These steps also apply if ever a user wished to turn the Amazon Sidewalk feature back on using the Ringer app.

The Verge noted that disabling the Amazon Sidewalk feature will not affect the current function of the user's devices.

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