Rob Sargsyan is only of only a few make-up artists in the industry who is not afraid to experiment. He is driven by his passion to create something new with his craft. This doesn't mean he is far away from the trend that is storming the industry rather he has taken the trend to new heights with his flawless creativity. With this passion, he created his signature make-up look that became popular as "RobGlow" looks. The uniqueness of the look lies in its originality while enhancing the beauty. RobGlow preserves the natural features of a person while giving a soft sheen and a perfect finish.

Following the trail of his success with "RobGlow" looks, Rob Sargsyan launched his make-up palette by the name "The RobGlow Book". According to Rob, this palette is exactly what professional make-up artists and enthusiasts need to create the coveted RobGlow" look. "The RobGlow Book" became an instant hit earning loads of positive reviews from international clients and make-ups artists. Rob Sargsyan himself uses the palette to create his signature make-up look that has been appreciated by thousands of people on Instagram.

Rob Sargsyan also owns the brand FacesByRob cosmetics. It offers a range of cosmetics that have been designed to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. The brand offers a whole new range of nude and pastel lip shades. It also offers the popular "The RobGlow Book" which is pretty much everything a professional make-up artist or make-up enthusiast needs to create a sheen and defined look.

With years of experience in the industry, Rob Sargsyan has landed several opportunities to work on major projects across the country. He has created looks for celebrated figures like Kim Kardashian, Rachel Roy, Mel B, and Ashley Graham. His expertise in the craft was recognized by globally renowned beauty brands like Guess, Sephora, Dose of Colors, and many more. Rob has traveled extensively around the United States to work for runways, press junkets, red carpet events, and commercials. He also got the opportunity to show his craft on America's Got Talent.

To continue experimenting with his craft, Rob Sargsyan will now venture into the bridal make-up space. He believes that this area has a lot of scope for creativity and has not been explored much. Over the years, Rob noticed that bridal make-up has been standardized by artists whereas it should be personalized. Based in Los Angeles, Rob Sargsyan wants to dominate the wedding makeup industry in that region. He wants to bring his own creativity in the field of wedding make-up to create a unique look for brides.  

Rob Sargsyan has become a sought-after make artist for his unique style. He aims to share his hard-earned knowledge about the craft with budding make-up artists and enthusiasts. To achieve this goal Rob started his masterclass where he coaches aspiring artists to empower them to build a successful career in the industry.

Going forward Rob Sargsyan wants to explore more uncharted areas of the make-up industry with his creativity. He wants to inspire other artists to experiment with their craft instead of blindly following the trend.