A Mexican grandmother proved that it's never late for education as she graduated elementary school at the age of 70 years old.

María Luisa Paredes Durán's driving force in learning was to learn how to read and study the Bible without help from others, Mexico News Daily reported. The grandmother from Muna, Yucatán in Mexico, was said to go back to school in her 60s.

La Revista Peninsular reported that María Luisa Paredes Durán received the "certificate of basic education" from state Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

The said document was awarded to the Mexican grandmother at the offices of the state's adult education institute, which runs the program. Vila offered his congratulations to Paredes, saying that the Mexican grandmother gained a "great achievement."

"I came to give you your certificate and tell you that we are very proud of you because we know that it is not easy," the governor told Paredes during the awarding of the certificate.

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Mexican Grandmother Finishes Elementary Education at 70

María Luisa Paredes Durán entered a three-year program in 2018 where she was taught how to read, write, and basic computations. The Mexican grandmother, who sells tamales and other dishes, was joined by 29 other older learners in her class.

According to Mexico News Daily, Paredes learned about the program through a local teacher, who was the Mexican grandmother's loyal customer.

"I feel very proud of this achievement that brings joy to my family," said Paredes, adding that she was grateful because she was able to help younger family members with their homework.

María Luisa Paredes Durán further noted that she never believed that she could study because her mother and grandmother taught her to dedicate herself to housework. The Mexican grandmother also described the program she underwent as a "great opportunity" for old people.

During the awarding of her certificate, Paredes expressed her gratitude to the governor for supporting them. The great-grandmother of 10 said she was delighted to meet Vila as she never had a chance of meeting a governor in person in her 70 years of existence.

"It is never too late to learn and going to this school has changed my life," said Paredes, adding that activities such as reading and running errands have become much easier for her.

Older Grandmother in Mexico Also Graduates

Apart from María Luisa Paredes Durán, who graduated elementary school at the age of 70, an older Mexican grandmother also finished elementary education in 2013.

Manuela Hernandez graduated elementary school at the age of 100. Fox News reported that Hernandez needed to leave elementary school after a year of studying to help her family with household chores.

"My uncle Fernando Campos helped me get into school, but the following year, when I was able to wash and iron, they never let me go to school because they needed me to work," Hernandez said in Spanish.

Manuela Hernandez, who was born in the southern state of Oaxaca, went back to school at the age of 99 because her grandchild pushed her. Despite her age and poor eyesight, the 100-year-old Mexican grandmother underscored that "the best career was education." 

She further noted that the greatest value of education is that it makes people less ignorant and it civilizes individuals.

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