Britney Spears's mother, Lynne Spears, is currently looking for a new lawyer to help her end the conservatorship. She asked the judge to allow her and her daughter to hire a new private lawyer after the court-appointed lawyer of the popstar resigned a few days ago.  

Suppose you have no idea about the ongoing issue that Lynne Spears is fighting against. In that case, a conservatorship is sending a guardian or protector to manage singers and other celebrities' daily lives and financial affairs, especially if these individuals are not physically capable of handling their fame or have mental limitations. 

However, some conservators usually forced the conservatees to perform, even if they are not mentally or physically prepared. This is noticeable in some K-Pop groups. Some of them even shared that they are forced to implement diets just to maintain their figure. 

On the other hand, Forbes previously reported that conservatorship only ends if the singer or actor dies, adding that conservatorship could remove the person's individual rights under the contract. 

Britney Spears' Mother Says Conservatorship Is Not the Only Issue

According to TMZ's latest report, Lynne Spears released some legal documents stating that the conservatorship was established 13 years ago, is no longer the case. 

On the other hand, the lawyer of Britney's mother also stated that after the pop star took a break from concerts, she cared for herself and recovered mentally. 

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"She had to perform in front of millions of people, has had to manage hundreds of performances, has had to use her artistic and creative talents to prepare for shows by choreographing each and every move for and interacting with many co-performers, and has had to rehearse and perform for many thousands of hours over the years," added the lawyer. 

On the other hand, Britney Spears said on June 23 that her management team, including her own father, is preventing her from having a normal life. She said that she wants to get married and start a family, but her conservatorship agreement prevents her from doing so. 

Besides, her mother also said that Britney was not even aware that she could get even her conservatorship with her management.  

What 'Stages: Three Days in Mexico' Reveals About Britney? 

According to Insider's report, the short concert documentary titled "Stages: Three Days in Mexico" revealed that Britney Spears was isolated and somewhat trapped during her fame. Judy Hoffman, the creator of the docu, showed how the pop star rushed from one commitment to another. 

In the one-hour concert documentary, Britney can be seen talking about traveling to Greece and doing other exciting things. However, one part of the video showed that Britney Spears chose to hang out at her mom's house instead. 

This is just one of the restrictions in the singer's life, especially since she can't visit other places without her management's approval. On the other hand, "Stages: Three Days in Mexico" also revealed that at the age of 20, the pop icon already knew she was going to be imprisoned by her fame.  

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