In a fight for their children's custody, Andrew Ashcroft had accused her former socialite partner, Jasmine Hartin, of having drug and alcohol addictions. 

Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, stated these claims in court papers filed as part of their acrimonious custody battle.

According to the documents, Andrew Ashcroft said that Jasmine Hartin could not take care of their children due to her "immoral" habits, which include taking illegal and non-prescribed drugs and being an alcoholic.

The British billionaire's son added that Hartin's main occupation is attending and socializing as he filed for full custody of their two young children, The Daily Beast reported.

Andrew Ashcroft also cited the socialite's ongoing case in light of a Belize cop's death in May.

Hartin vehemently denied her former husband's allegations. She said that Andrew Ashcroft made up all of those accusations after she complained about him leaving Belize with the children without her approval.

Since June 11, Hartin said she had not seen her two young twins because Andrew Ashcroft blocked her from seeing them without a court order or lawful authorization.

She added that with the manslaughter charges against her, it was hard to fight the accusations thrown at her.

To prove that she had no history of drug use, she had submitted a medical report, which she gave to Daily MailThe July 5 report showed that she tested negative for illegal substances, which include meth, ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana.

Jasmine Hartin said she has been trying to be around the children, but the British billionaire's son has been refusing her access to them, which could be seen in a video.

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Jasmine Hartin's Manslaughter Case Concerning a Belize Cop

Superintendent Henry Jemmott was struck behind his ear by his own service pistol in the early hours of May 28. The Belize cop had been socializing and drinking alone with Jasmine Hartin on a secluded area of a hotel pier at the time.

The socialite was covered in blood when the police arrived. Police also saw the Belize cop floating dead on his back some 30 feet away from the shore.

An expended shell casing was still lodged inside the gun. Hartin said that it was an accident and that the Belize cop was her friend. She further noted that the first thing she did was call the police herself after the shooting incident.

The socialite said that Jemmott was showing her how to handle his gun after telling him that someone had tried to rape her days before the fatal shooting.

After spending eight days in Belize's central prison in connection with the shooting of the Belize cop, Hartin was freed. Part of her bail was to surrender her passport and personal documents.

Jasmine Hartin cannot leave the country without any permission from the Supreme Court, The Guardian reportedHer bail was set at 30,000 Belize dollars.

Jasmine Hartin Cannot See Her Children as the Son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft Blocks Her

The socialite was earlier seen on a video accusing her former partner of denying her access to their children, New York Post reported.

Jasmine Hartin can be heard telling Andrew Ashcroft that he lied to her whole family and asking him to let her see their children.

A second video also showed the socialite being blocked by the guards as she tried to approach Andrew Ashcroft. Jasmine Hartin said in the video that security is stopping her from seeing her children at the time.

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