As the summer season sets in, the National Pork Board launches its Menú Urbano OUTDOORS program - set to make the grilling season more exciting and flavorful.

The latest campaign from the board, Menú Urbano OUTDOORS, offers a slew of exciting events making the most out of the grilling season: introducing new recipes drawing from the rich flavors and ingredients often found in Latin American cuisine.

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For this summer, the National Pork Board has prepared a gastronomic adventure across the United States, true to its vision of raising awareness about pork as a fantastic food ingredient.

The desirable meat has lean cuts and is perfect for marinating, absorbing sauces and seasonings for a juicy and tasty food item.

The program will be led by Mexican television host and personality Karla Martinez, a co-host on Univision's popular morning show, "Despierta America."

She will be joined by two Latina foodies who will be traveling and cooking with her, sharing grilling and flavoring tips to make that pork cut stand out from the rest. 

With these in mind, the Menú Urbano OUTDOORS by the National Pork Board will bring a mobile, modern twist to a beloved Latin tradition - family cookouts - with pork taking center stage as the star ingredient.

"I am so excited to be a part of Menú Urbano OUTDOORS and share the best flavors of the season. A traditional asado is without a doubt one of my family's favorite ways to celebrate and gather," Martinez shares. She also describes the food as among the primary ways Latinos share their culture with their loved ones.

Together, the new campaign will focus on two cities with the largest Latin American population, New York and Chicago, showcasing the fusion driven by Latin cuisine in each community.

Through the perfectly timed campaign, the board also invites friends and family to reconnect - especially after the challenges of the global pandemic that have kept people apart - and enjoy the summer holidays with a good old backyard grill, with the new flavors that Menú Urbano OUTDOORS will share.

"Pork is entrenched in Hispanic heritage and culture. In fact, pork has been a staple in Hispanic kitchens throughout generations," says José de Jesus, National Pork Board senior director of multicultural marketing. 

He explains that the newest campaign will show consumers how grilling pork can be easily integrated into our daily lives or any celebration, making it the perfect medium for mixing classical culture with new discoveries.

About the National Pork Board

The National Pork Board is a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture through its Agricultural Marketing Service. 

Currently, the board is made up of 15 members, all pork producers or importers who have been nominated through the National Pork Forum. 

Together, they represent 42 state associations that are its affiliates, corresponding to more than 60,000 pig farmers all across the United States.

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