Traditional Argentinian Asado

Welcome the Summer Grilling Season With Menú Urbano OUTDOORS

As the summer season sets in, the National Pork Board launches its Menú Urbano OUTDOORS program - set to make the grilling season more exciting and flavorful.
Latino Workers Stay Home For

These Latin American Comfort Food Make Everything Better!

Nothing summons a sense of home quite like the scent of delicious Latin American food cooking on the stove!
Spanish Food

Pocono Restaurants to Serve Favorite Latino Flavors This Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day with the help of these Latin restaurants.

5 Dishes Everyone Thinks Are Mexican, but Actually Are Not

Do you know where some of these foods originated?

Frank's RedHot Sauce Buffalo Wings Gaining Traction With U.S. Latinos

How do you spice up your life? For Christian Ortiz, Senior Brand Manager for Frank's RedHot, who spoke with Latin Post in an exclusive interview, it's his passion for both his Guatemalan and American cultures, American football and Latin American fútbol -- and of course a dash of Frank's RedHot sauce!

Latina Develops 'Empanda Fork,' Solving the Edge-Pinching Problem

Empanadas have been adopted and altered by the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Latin America, India, Jamaica, the United States and Sri Lanka, but it originated in Galicia, Spain and Portugal during the early 1500s. The delicious savory pastry that takes on different forms, and has can be filled with various meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, has not evolved very much since its inception; but one Latina inventor has resolved the most tedious step in the empanada baking process, the edge-pinching.

The Posh Latin Cook Blog Shows Latin Fusion at its Best

Preheat the oven, and let the heat rise to an odd 425 degrees. Spray the roaster grill with oil. Then, add salt and pepper... let the meat sizzle on the grill. In no less than 45, you'll be serving 4-5 a warm and delicious meal. The Posh Latin Cook, Elena Carlo, designs and masters recipes like the Saffron & Honey Buffalo Drumsticks, and serves it up hot for her family to eat...but only after she photographs it for her blog.
Food Truck

Gourmet Gringos Food Truck-Turned-Restaurant Brings More Latino Culture to Toronto

Gourmet Gringos, known exclusively for their touring food trucks that distribute Latin cuisine, is opening a new 25-seat restaurant at Bathurst and St. Clair in Toronto, Canada.
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