Preheat the oven, and let the heat rise to an odd 425 degrees. Spray the roaster grill with oil. Then, add salt and pepper...let the meat sizzle on the grill. In no less than 45, you'll be serving 4-5 a warm and delicious meal. The Posh Latin Cook, Elena Carlo, designs and masters recipes like the Saffron & Honey Buffalo Drumsticks, and serves it up hot for her family to eat, but only after she photographs it for her blog.

The tagline for the Posh Latin Cook reads, "A crazy little Latina, stirring up trouble in her little cocina," which stands as a resounding declaration of her experimental fusion method when cooking Puerto Rican cuisine.­­­­­­­­­­

The posh Latina learned how to cook from her mother, who would reward her with tutorials on how to cook tradition Puerto Rican dishes, such as "moro," a traditional blend of rice and beans.

"Since I was the oldest, I held rank and I always cooked with my mom. I might not have loved it then but I thank her, and I love cooking now!" Carlo stated.

The name of the blog came about when Carlo's "very" Italian husband witnessed her making brunch while wearing a Gucci skirt and Louboutin heels. He stated, "Man, Posh has nothing on you. I'm lucky to have a hot little Posh Latina cook all to myself!" Then and there, The Posh Latin Cook blog was conceived. Now, almost two years later, Carlo has a blog that has gained attention from individuals who visiting the site from all around the world and a number of publications, including NBC Latino.

The Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian/Colombian cook creates Latin condiments from scratch, including her own homemade version of Adobo and Sazon. Carlo is adamant about infusing her food with culture, and about making sure that her two daughters have a sense of Latin culture in their lives and in their food.

"I refuse for my children to forget their culture. I cook whatever Latin specialty they crave!" Carlo said during an interview with NBC Latino.

The Nuyorican cook divides her time between her blog, her loving husband, her doting daughters and her business. She is also well-known fashion blogger.