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Puerto Rican

An early introduction to rich flavors inspired Raquel Dailey-Parham to open the Puerto Rican restaurant Maracas in the heart of Chicago's south side Bronzeville neighborhood, an area that's predominately African American, but not before she and her sister, Rebecca Dailey-Wooley, launched


Zoe Saldana may consider herself a black woman, but many do not.


Sex and the City. Season 5, episode 3: "Luck Be an Old Lady," is where America first laid eyes on Iris Almario, the actress, host and model. She played the role of Terry, an attractive maid in a high-end Atlanta City hotel, who Samantha Jones' beau, Richard, couldn't resist. However, prior to being an actress, the Queens-native fiercely worked the pageant circuit, where she was more than once hailed queen; and she worked within the modeling industry, employed by one of the biggest agencies in the world. Through copious amounts of work on and off screen, she's collected rich, once-in-a-lifetime experiences while progressively moving toward her Hollywood ambitions.


Once upon a time there was Mexican-American man by the name of César Chávez, a farm worker who became a civil rights leader and founded the United Farm Workers Union...and there was an inspirational woman named Dolores Huerta, also Mexican-American, who helped him do it. Then, there was a Colombian-American man by the name of Harry Pachon, who drew national attention to Latino issues, such as bilingual education, political engagement and immigration. To follow, there were a number of men and women who helped to mobilize change and enable success for Latinos in America. The End?


Preheat the oven, and let the heat rise to an odd 425 degrees. Spray the roaster grill with oil. Then, add salt and pepper... let the meat sizzle on the grill. In no less than 45, you'll be serving 4-5 a warm and delicious meal. The Posh Latin Cook, Elena Carlo, designs and masters recipes like the Saffron & Honey Buffalo Drumsticks, and serves it up hot for her family to eat...but only after she photographs it for her blog.

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