At least two people died with multiple others injured in two separate shootings in Portland, Oregon. Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell noted that the two separate shooting incidents were among the four significant gun violence in the city, in the span of four hours on Saturday, CBS News reported.

According to Associated Press, the incidents occurred as gun violence and homicide rates soared in the city of Portland in the last six months.

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2 Dead, Several Others Injured in Separate Portland Shootings

At around 2 a.m., authorities from the Portland Police Bureau responded to a report of multiple individuals shot downtown. The officers described the scene "extremely chaotic," as they discover multiple individuals wounded.

The officers discovered at least seven people were shot, including an 18-year-old woman who was reported to die in the hospital. Details about her identity were not furthered by the authorities. Moreover, six others were identified by the officials to sustain injuries with varying degrees of severity. However, the police believed that the injuries sustained by the six individuals were not life-threatening.

Despite the number of wounded, authorities noted that the 2 a.m. shooting in Portland would possibly have more shooting victims, and potential witnesses have fled the scene without speaking with the law enforcement officers, which according to Lovell was "understandable given how terrifying and hectic that scene was."

"We all want to know what happened and who did this and why, and I pledge that more information will come out as soon as possible," Lovell underscored.

At around 6:30 in the morning, the Portland police chief noted that another man was shot and killed in the 1130 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. No arrest was made in the 6:30 shooting and the information of the suspect was also not released by the authorities. However, an eyewitness from a report mentioned by the Associated Press, noted that they saw a dark blue car took off right after the gunshots.

Details regarding the two other shootings in the city were not furthered by the authorities. Lovell underscored that the two incidents in Portland marked the city's 50th and 51st homicide this year.

"What happened early this morning is devastating. It's tragic and senseless," Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said, adding that he was heartbroken and angry at the same time because of gun violence.

Gun Violence and Homicide in Portland, Oregon

Lovell acknowledged that their community has a dilemma with gun violence and homicide problem. However, the Portland police chief emphasized that the community should expect they will have adequate resources in controlling the issues.

Mayor Ted Wheeler echoed what Lovell said, arguing that he would push hard for officers and resources in Portland Police Bureau, labeling the gun violence in the community as a "pandemic".

CBS News reported that the shooting incidents in Portland, Oregon happened as the U.S. witnessed at least 362 mass shootings to date, citing a database from Gun Violence Archive. It can be remembered that President Joe Biden unveiled a strategy in late June that would address gun violence in the country, focusing on stemming the flow of firearms and providing more resources to law enforcement.

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