Mexico's new vigilante group blamed their sympathizers for burning offices as well as businesses, and vandalizing a government property, in a remote southern state of the country.

Reuters reported that the incident occurred this week in Chiapas, as the villagers voiced out their outcry for rampant insecurity in the area.

The incident took place exactly at the indigenous Tzotzil community of Pantelhó, on late Monday and early Tuesday, after a self-defense militia identified as "El Machete" planned to confront drug trafficking gangs in Chenalhó.

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Officials Still Blame Mexico's New Vigilante Group for Burning Offices and Businesses, Vandalizing Government Property

Reuters mentioned an unidentified member of El Machete was addressing the crowd on Tuesday, arguing that the area where they were in had no security, peace, and tranquility. The Machete member furthered that Pantelhó only offers fear, extortion, and intimidation.

Although the incident happened after El Machete arrived, the unidentified member underscored that it was the residents and not their vigilante group, were responsible for the burned properties. The outlet furthered that, two villagers from Pantelhó agreed with what the El Machete member said.

It can be recalled that El Machete, Mexico's new vigilante group, appears to include members of the Tzotzil indigenous group, labeled themselves as a "self-defense" group.

Although El Machete did not take credit for the burned properties in Pantlehó, Fox News reported that officials still blame Mexico's newly formed vigilante group.

The targets were the residence of people who were connected to drug traffickers, Furthermore, businesses were also victimized by the villagers and at least three vehicles were burned.

Meanwhile, a dozen of homes were burned while the city's town hall was vandalized, Associated Press reported.

Reuters also mentioned photos of charred remains of buildings, houses, and vehicles in Pantelhó, with Hooded men armed with machetes standing nearby.

Despite the broken properties in Pantelhó, local authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding the recent incident. Meanwhile, Fray Bartolomé de ls Casas Human Rights Center, more than 3,000 people from Pantelhó abandoned their homes in recent months due to the incursion of criminal groups who sought to take over the territory.

Mexico's New Vigilante Group Abducts More Than 20 People

Apart from the burned homes and properties in Pantelhó, officials also blame the abduction of at least 21 individuals to El Machete. Reports noted that the abducted residents were taken to San Jóse Buena Vista Tercero. The said area is the community where El Machete is based.

Authorities noted that El Machete abducted the residents as they search for members of another group identified as "Los Herreras." It was not clear whether the abducted individuals were connected to the members of the said group El Machete was looking for.

An official who was not identified by Associated Press confirmed that investigations in the string of incidents in Pantelhó are now ongoing.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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